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About this blog

With the hindsight of playing the Mass Effect series and The Witcher 3, this time round coming back to Skyrim there was just something lacking - the absence of any romantic content whatsoever with characters you can potentially spend much longer with than in the other titles.  


Fortunately I already had a knowledge of modding, it was just a matter of applying it to a more creative purpose.  I decided to set up a virtual photo studio. 


My Skyrim character's downtime consists of equal measures Hugh Hefner and Austin Powers.  Nothing like a few candid photos to release the tension.


These are the ladies of Skyrim, and some of the mods that helped bring them to you.

Entries in this blog

Return to Skyrim - Old Flames and Fresh Video

So I got a 2nd screen set up mainly to monitor my stream if I'm on Twitch or whatever.    The hedonist in me realized being able to see all the photos I'd taken of models during a photo shoot on another monitor, while still in the game, could definitely be a plus.  It's added a stronger connection between photos I think. I kind of want these to be more than just static images, which is why pose & shot choice, and making sure the model looks like she's actually enjoying the exp

Girls Next Door of Skyrim - Vivienne Onis

One of the essential mods in my collection would have to be Fair Skin Complexion from Nexus Mods   https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/798   Not only does it handle the skin textures of my models' bodies, it actually applies a new but subtle makeover to the faces of most females in the vanilla game.  This is great because with the majority of downloadable followers you know what you're getting; finding new potential photo shoot subjects basically at random as

Skyrim Pictorial - Ysolde, Girl Next Door

This is Ysolde from Whiterun.    To many players she would have just been another passing face like most NPCs in Skyrim, with no interaction other than a few lines of dialog.  With the right mods however, she and many other NPCs can be converted into fully functional followers.   Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT) is the main mod behind this photo shoot as it has the spell that made it possible to recruit Ysolde; it also offers the inventory management system that allows me to equ

Girls of Skyrim 2.0 - Lydia, Hearts of Light and Shadow (Photo Mode Mod Demo)

Until today what I've been referring to in this blog as "photography" would more accurately be referred to as "POV Camera" similar to what you can see in many adult videos.    Real photographers don't have to take their camera intimately close to shoot intimate photos; this was just something I accepted I had to do because this was the only achievable modding solution I could access.  Using free camera without the ability to just zoom in/out was just something I put up with.    

From Head to Toe - Useful Hints for Virtual Photography

Through modding, the aesthetics of my followers - both clad in armor for the battlefield, and during life's more intimate moments - have much improved.  Being able to fine tune an aspect of a character to your liking, appreciate it; and then after a while think to yourself "this is great but it could be better" is a great experience.   You only have to look at my earlier blog entries compared to my latest ones to see how my models have evolved over time.   Two elements I've only recent

Girls of Skyrim 2.0 - Iona and the Door Through the 4th Wall

In the city of Whiterun, set into the wall by the entry to the Hall of the Dead, there is a door that shouldn't exist.  Behind the door lies a photo studio which is rumored to have dimensions far greater than would be possible without the use of powerful magics.   This, much as Apocrypha was to Miraak, is the Dragonborn's personal realm.   You can find it here:   https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/84524        

Girls of Skyrim 2.0 Pictorial - Serana

This is Serana, fourth member of the hit squad I've put together during my time in Skyrim.  The idea for this series of pictorials was to show what each follower looks like both in battle while wearing their armour, and during more relaxed times when you can see what's hiding behind it.                                    

Girls of Skyrim 2.0 Pictorial - Iona

My first playthrough of Skyrim on Master difficulty has been an interesting experience. Because of the increased challenge, having an able warrior at your side becomes a lot more important at least early on. Survival really becomes a matter of cooperation with your follower in some cases and it builds a deeper sense of connection with them.   I've found the increased intensity and importance of the bond I share with my followers in battle has really increased the quality of downtime I

Bringing Models to Life: Feat. Saya

Taking screenshots in Skyrim and the behind-the-scenes work that potentially goes into getting a model ready for a photo shoot, is an enjoyable challenge.  There's a definite element of stop-motion animation present in these screenshots.  I use the Amazing Follower Tweaks mod as the core of my posing system so I find posing models pretty easy.   I've found myself going through old material and basically just deleting it if I took it before I learnt facial animation.  For a while I'd be

Pictorial - Astrid: Smiling Assassin

Astrid, leader of Skyrim's Dark Brotherhood.  She was a character that I'd always found interesting in previous playthroughs, but I'd never had a way to interact with her beyond the limited conversation choices you have during the vanilla questline.   That was before I installed the Amazing Follower Tweaks mod and gained the ability to easily recruit her as a follower.  This pictorial is the result, taken in the photo studio I use thanks to the Easy Photo Studio mod.    

Mods Behind the Scenes - Iona: The Glow Up

I decided to alternate my blog entries between pictorials and more informational pieces.   This is what Iona looked like before I'd used any mods, from the Skyrim Wiki:         FAIR SKIN COMPLEXION   Now, thanks to a single mod she's ready for her close-up.  The mod I use for my pics is called Fair Skin Complexion, and as well as providing improved skin textures for CBBE and 3BBB bodies, it gives you the option of changing the face makeup of ne

Quest Stage One: Get a Photo Studio

I basically look at any of the screenshots taken before I downloaded the Easy Photo Studio mod I use in my game, as being dead to me.  They just look wrong.  This isn't saying that I exclusively like to take photos in the studio; it's because it helped me fix a specific visual issue that had been bothering me.   https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/84524   My problem was that no matter where I had been taking screenshots of my followers before in the game, ther
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