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[Request] Mod please delet, Ty :)

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sephet josall

sephet josall

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I play sse for xbox one, was able to grab flower girl mod, was wandering if we can get sos smuggled in, that would be sweet, and would really appreciate it, if it's not possible I understand, don't know till you ask. Ty and have a wonderful weekend.
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I don't know if it's actually possible tech-wise. I don't recall SOS Lite specifically requiring FNIS or anything like that, but since it does include animations and the whole auxbones setup there may be some problem there.


Anyway, I am not even sure that kind of console modding is supported here, and as far as I know there is no way to share it with you because Bethesda removed the option to upload mods as private to Beth.net (precisely to prevent this kind of stuff from happening, mind you). There may be other ways around that, but I don't know of any.


Honestly, if you want to really get into modding (or use any remotely adult-themed mod), you need to get a PC. The whole console modding deal was just something Bethesda came up with to cash in even more out of Skyrim, but consoles will never ever ever reach the level of modding PC has.

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