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How to make chars look minimally decent without seams and mismatches like this?

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Hello there!


I've recently started modding my NV, and everything went alright once I started working on the visuals, environmental and gameplay side of it.


My biggest problem, however, is when it comes to the bodies and characters.


I have installed this body and armor replacer http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/45505/? (T6M Equipment Replacer NV) along with the http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/34702/? (BEWARE OF GIRL Type 3) skin. I'm also using http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/45640/? (Fh hairs for fnv and fo3 conversion).


By then, I had 2 problems - the default body shown was that non-nude one, even though I never opted for it, anywhere... The other problem was that regarding the ridiculous mismatch in tone and texture between body and head. 


At first, I manually changed the femalebody nifs for the nude one, and that fixed the non-nude body, although now there's a small gap between neck and body. 


I had previously tried the Mojave Girls and the Mikoto beauty pack, both uninstalled so to avoid conflicts with anything.


I'm using NMM and made all the necessary changes and fixes regarding archive invalidation also on the .inis... What can be causing this? I really didn't want to have to reinstall everything from scratch since it seems to revolve only around the characters/bodies...


These are some of the screens and mod list:


I've considered trying some of those revamps and overhauls for NPC faces and so, but I think there's no point in trying without solving this issue...  :(
Thanks in advance! 

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I am pretty sure that Kendo2's textures do not have that seam around. Look around here or his new website.

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