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Themes! Need opinons.

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Lovely Mercy

Lovely Mercy

    ヽ( ゚ヮ゚) ノ Home Maker

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Soo I been thinking of doing like "themed homes" for my mods.


So like I'll make a player home in Diamond City or maybe somewhere in FNV.


and ill Upload 2-3 versions of it. 

One being like Normal themed, just normal house with normal stuff.

One being Raider themed, Maybe some blood, guts, bunch of drugs around.

One being Maybe high tech, brother hood of steel or Institute themed or something.

I dont know was just an idea.



But would that be a cool thing to do or should i just go about making different homes with each having its own theme?


this is all assuming people even use player homes still. Due to the lovely settlements that put me out of business XP lol



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