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the things we make mods of

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i have tryed many of the mods here both for FNV and FO 4 (what there was)  and skyrim most of the mods work ok most of the time and some of them work batter then what u would think but there are somthing that just dont make any sense at all like unethicaldeeds nice mod work great most of the time but from what i can tell there is a BIG BUG IN IT  and its called reagro timer WTH why would any thing go and try and get u to breed or rape what happens first if not both would want to kill u when ur with its kid (baby) what needs to be done is have a way to turn that off altogether if it wasnt for that i think this mod would be 1 of the best made mod on here

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Not sure what your problem is? An esp is basically a record structure which may or may not have a pap script attached to it. The pap script will interact with the records available at run time, however internal stuff will probably also fiddle with the values.  An esp may not have a script attached to it. However another esp with a higher priority may either overwrite values or structure in a previous esp or might have a script attached which will interact with a record assuming that the structure is the same or contains information within the parameters of it's esp, but doesn't cope with other esp's data which might fall outside the bounds of the initial esp's specification. Some esp's cope with the possibility that higher priority esp's might change the data in actuality or layout, some others might not. (The whole put at the bottom of your load order thing - which you can't do for everything). It's like balancing a big bear eating a Affogato al caffe with a fork who is balancing on a thin thread of credibility.

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