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New Site Layout

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They looks good .Only a few confuse.

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Uhuru N'Uru

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This is apparently a feature request thread, in the Announcemnts Forum?

Anyway, I'll repost the same thing here


Feature Request: Tracked file Uploads not Typo's


The exact mechanism used to do this doesn't matter.

Currently if an uploader makes a simple spelling correction to the download page, their download goes to the top of the most recent downloads section.

That is the only method for tracking file updates and following the changes.


The Nexus Tracked File system works fine and you only get file changes for mods you track.

That works for Nexus but may not be ideal for LL because you have to actually track each file and don't see new ones.

What would work best for LL is another column for

New Uploads


Which should include updates as well as new files, with the old column being dedicated to page changes as it currently is.

I don't think it should be to difficult to add this to the current system.


Other Improvements

A further refinement could be for a Important Information Flag the uploader could set to signify, crucial information that must be read.

Better version control would also help, eg every upload increases the version number to signify a new file, but that's dificult without a set standard and the Nexus is no better in this regard. This isn't likely to happen, I know that but, if I don't ask, I don't get,


LL isn't the nexus and their system may not fit here, but having some system to separate files from spelling corrections will make the site much better.

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Why did we revert to the old site?

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    Domo arigato Mr. Robotto

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We didn't revert to the old site. .. Ashal did.. :P


And why Ashal did it was on the old thread. You should have seen it posted on the top. It was because there were serious issues with the software and keeping it up and running.


Sooooo. In reality this thread should be changed to ... "New Old Site Layout". :P

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