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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Submitted: Mar 02 2013 11:39 PM
  • Last Updated: Dec 13 2013 05:34 PM
  • File Size: 26.6MB
  • Views: 474710
  • Downloads: 164,594
  • Requires: SKSE, SexLab

This file has been reported as broken because: Work is continued by Skyrimll with [url=http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24042-sd-sanguine-debauchery-enhanced-2014-02-02/]SD+ (Sanguine Debauchery enhanced)[/b]

Download Sanguine's Debauchery 2013.09.09.01

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MCM SKSE FNIS Slavery Death Alternative


Posted Image

An Alternative to Death. Enslavement

Enslavement is Death.

Your stuff may be lost. It may happen that a master will sell a slave to another character. They will rob you of your items and when they leave you, most likely, you won't be able to follow. At that point, they may despawn destroying your stuff as well. Be careful!

Sanguine's Debauchery is an enslavement as an alternative to death mod for the player. Where enslavement provides for a continuous narrative rather than death.

NOTICE: Don't be an idiot. TL:DR = Screwed up save.

What Factions Enslave?
Here Are the main ones:
  • BanditFaction
  • VampireFaction
  • WIThugFaction ( Hired Thug quest )
  • WEBountyHunter ( Bounty Hunter quest )
  • ForswornFaction
  • ThalmoreFaction
  • NecromancerFaction
  • SprigganFaction ( Flowering Spriggan quest )
Keep in mind that an NPC with "Necromancer" over their head does not necessarily mean "NecromancerFaction", Nor is an NPC with "Bandit" over their head automatically in "BanditFaction", etc..

There are many factions that are specific to the area they are occupying or specific to a quest and belong to a faction that are not slavery enabled.

Escaping and Being Enslaved ( Male/Female )
While enslaved:
  • You do not have access to Magic, Inventory, Skills.
  • You must stay within a certain distance of your Master/Mistress.
  • You can pick-up/activate items.
  • If it's food, you'll immediately eat it
  • If it's an item you can use to escape, mostly weapons, your bindings will be damaged and you'll drop the item. You can then pick it up again for the same effect.
Host to a Flowering Spriggan ( Female Only )
Big thanks to Nalim for allowing me to create the Flowering Spriggan Race from his armor.

While a host:
  • You can't remove the Spriggan wrapped around you
  • You get some cool Spriggan abilities. But...
  • The Spriggan has other plans and will try to compel you to travel to it's desired destination.
  • You'll be used a while before you're released once you reach the destination.
Being Freed:
  • For both spriggan and regular enslavement:
    • There is a grace period of 1 hour game time after being freed where the player won't be attacked.
    • After that grace period is over, the enslavement quest will fully end.
  • For regular enslavement:
    • You can end the grace period early by going into the combat ready stance.
Hired Thugs
While a Thug slave:
  • You'll be marched to your new master. The NPC who the player stole from or A bandit boss.
  • You are free to move around but will be forced back to the leader if you go to far.
  • The Thugs keep your stuff then head to their camp.
This quest will select a killable master over a non-killable master. It's also possible for a dead character to hire thugs to hunt down the player. "killable" for this quest is an NPC that is not essential and not reserved for another quest. This pretty much means that most named NPCs will not qualify as a slave master.

Animation Position Controls
See the "Controls" section under Sanguine's Debauchery in MCM (Mod Configuration Menu) for options and key customization.

Installing this Mod
Requirements:Already included in the BSA:
  • Slave collar (by Gatti)
  • Gag (by ZaZ)
  • Strapon UNP version (by Calyps)
Before you begin installing Sanguine's Debauchery:
  • Install the required mods following their instructions first.
  • If you have this mod already installed, uninstall first using the instructions provided.
Test the other mods. Make sure they are working. Then:
  • Download the mod file from Lovers Lab.
  • After you have extracted these files to your Skyrim data folder or, preferably, imported the archive into your mod manager and activated it.
  • Enable both Sanguine's Debauchery and ZaZ Animation Pack in the launcher.
  • Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe
    • Follow Fore's instructions. It's important that you do so.
    • Click on "Update FNIS Behavior" button.
  • See "Starting this Mod" below.
Starting this Mod
Part 1: After you have installed the files and enabled sanguinesDebauchery.esp. To complete the install for a specific character:
  • Enter MCM
  • Select "Sanguine's Debauchery"
  • Select "Config" in the sub-menu
  • Select if you want the labia rings/anal egg to be added. Once the main quests begins this option will be locked.
  • Click "INSTALL"
  • Exit all menus.
  • You are now ready to start by completing the drinking contest with Sam Guenvere ( available at level 14 )and wake up in the Dibella temple in Markarth
Part 2: Or you may choose to avoid the drink contest. To do so:
  • Enter MCM
  • Select "Sanguine's Debauchery"
  • Select "Config" in the sub-menu
  • Select if you want the labia rings/anal egg to be added. ( Once you click "BEGIN", the next step, this option will be locked. )
  • Click "BEGIN"
  • Exit all menus.
  • You should receive the objective notification "Sanguine Is Watching" once everything has started.
Unstalling this Mod
Prior to 2012.01.14 Release.
  • Make sure you are free from you master or complete the spriggan quest.
  • In console type "set _SD_uninstall to 1" then hit enter.
  • Save. ( repeat steps 1-3 for all saves you want to clean )
  • Exit the game.
  • Uninstall Sanguine's Debauchery
  • Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe
  • Start the game and load the save you created in #2
  • Wait a few hours game time and about a min real time. This allows running scripts that are repeating to expire/unload.
  • Save. Either in a new slot or over the save you created in #2 ( repeat steps 7-9 for all saves you want to clean )
2012.01.14 Release and later: Disabling Sanguine's Debauchery for a specific character.
  • Make sure you are free from you master or complete the spriggan quest ( You may have to cycle through the "BEGIN" option ):
    • Enter MCM
    • Select "Sanguine's Debauchery"
    • Select "Config" in the sub-menu
    • Click "UNINSTALL"
    • Exit all menus ( If you enter MCM again Sanguine's Debauchery will now only show the logo )
    • Wait 2 game hours to make sure all quests scripts have gone idle.
  • Save. ( repeat step 1 for all the saves you want to clean. )
You won't be able to restart Sanguine's Debauchery for this character unless you preform a full uninstall.

2012.01.14 Release and later: Full Uninstall
  • Follow the instructions for "Disabling Sanguine's Debauchery for a specific character." for all characters that have started SD.
  • Exit the game.
  • Uninstall Sanguine's Debauchery
  • Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe
  • Start the game and load the save you created in #2
  • Wait a few hours game time and about a min real time.
  • Save. Either in a new slot or over the save you created in #2 ( repeat steps 7-9 for all saves you want to clean )
The Quests
Please Note: Almost all of the quests in this Mod are handled by the Story Manager. Console quest starts won't do anything except, most likely, corrupt your save. I will not give hints on how to complete these quests here. Those spoilers will be given in the thread. If you do give away hints, please enclose them in the spoiler tag.

Regarding Sanguine's Daedric Artifact: This choice must be made before you begin. When enabled, Sanguine's Daedric Artifact is bound to the player and NPCs will experience uncontrollable lust for the player.

You can also look under "Help" in MCM if you are having trouble.

Primary Quests:
  • "In service to Sanguine" - This quests watches for the compleation of the Skyrim quest "A Night to Remember." Until that quest is completed ( or the Mod is manually started through MCM ), this Mod is idle and won't do anything.
  • "Sanguine's Debauchery" - Monitors the player's health and will trigger enslavement ( the "Enslaved!" or "Flowering Spriggan" quests ) when combat conditions are met.
  • "Entering Sanguine's Realm" - Monitors the player's actions and will trigger interactions with Sanguine / story advancements when appropraite conditions are met.
  • "Enslaved!" - This quest is active when the player is enslaved. It controls the restrictions of the Slave (the Player) and the actions of the Master/Mistress.
  • "Flowering Spriggan" - This quest is active when the player is made a host a to Spriggan. It controls how NPCs react to the player being a host as well as the player's discovery of why and what the Spriggan has done to the player.
Secondary Quests:
  • "Indentured Servant" - If the Player can gain the Master's/Mistress' trust, they will be given tasks to preform. As of now, the only task is the collection of gold. How the Player collects gold is completly at their discression.
  • "Wanted!" - If the player has a bounty, rather than killing the player the bounty hunter will enslave the player and drag them back to the hold where the bounty was posted.
  • "Payback's a Bitch" - If the player steals or pickpockets an item from a NPC that NPC may hire thugs for some revenge. These thugs will hunt the player down and enslave them. Bringing them back to the stolen item's owner.
Optional Secondary Quests:
Some secondary quests are optional and can be enabled/disabled through MCM.
  • "Gold for the Wicked" - With this quest active, the Player will gain the ability to dance or whore themselves for gold. When dancing naked or with Sanguine's Daedric Artifact equipped, NPCs observing the dance will experience uncontrollable lust and queue up on the player for sex. To use the dance spell, you must be close enough to the NPC to get a dialogue prompt AND you must hold the mouse button down until Magicka stops draining.
  • "Coveted" - Much like with dancing. If the player is naked, some NPCs will experience uncontrollable lust for the player and rape them.
  • SDpatch - frostfall.esp: Requires chesko_frostfall.esp. It makes the custom slave clothing heat sources. ( Not that it makes sense, more like an experiment in posibility. Call it a gift from Sanguine and toss in a few puns )
  • SDpatch - dawnguard.esp: Requires Dawnguard.esm. This makes the DLC's vampire and dawnguard factions slaver factions.
  • SDpatch - dragonborn.esp: Requires Dragonborn.esm. This makes the DLC's Raven Rock and Cultist factions slaver factions.
FavoredSoul Flaccid Male Model:
This is a male body texture replacer. You will need this patch if:Otherwise it will look like the penis is glowing.

If you have a custom male texture installing this may not give you the desired results. FavoredSoul flaccid & erect textures are almost identical except the flaccid texture is missing the portion that maps to the erect penis. If your custom male texture for the FavoredSoul Meshes have both flaccid & erect texture versions then using the erect texture should work.
SDpatch-FavoredSoulMeshes-Flaccid.7z ( 11.82 MB )

bat file reset
This bat file is the headsman axe solution to uninstalling Sanguine's Debauchery. You can run it via console and it will stop all Sanguine's Debauchery quests and reset all globals to their defaults. Try to uninstall through MCM first. It has better checks to make sure you're not enslaved or have any debuffs.
sd_reset.7z ( 544 B )

These will be posted as replies in the thread and archived here

Any mod that alters vanilla factions. - Any mod that significantly alters vanilla factions may mean that my mod won't recognize the attacker as being a member of an eligible slaver faction.

Any mod that significantly alters the OnHit Event for the player.

Any mod that actively manipulates the player's health during combat ( e.g. auto healing ) may make it difficult to trigger the enslavement events.

Verified Conflicting Mods
  • PCEA - PC Exclusive Animation Path
  • WARZONES - Civil Unrest
  • Tundra Defence
  • Locational damage and more dynamic injuries
  • Duel - Combat Realism
  • SkyBoost and TES V Acceleration Layer
  • Animated Prostitution
  • Syynxs Perky
  • Deadly Mutilation
Verified Conflicting Mods: Addressed ( Though indirectly and you may get in situations that are bad )
  • The Dance of Death - Enable "Player Immunity"
  • Frostfall
  • Amazing Follower Tweaks - Disable companion follows PC weapon draw/stash.
I Keep Kneeling During Sex with the SexLab Version
Setup SexLab to unqeuip the hands, as the equipped restraints trigger the kneel down animation.

MCM has options that look like "$SD_OPTION_P0_HARDCORE"
The directory "\Interface\Translations" in the archive contains translations. Make sure this has also been extracted / installed with the other directories. Make sure you turn off the option to not extract README files in Nexus Mod Manager. It excludes ALL txt files. Including the language translation files.

Custom Races & Armor Not Showing
This is dependent on the creator of custom race and how they've decided to handle armor.

The Thug's never come after me.
The thug quest ( WIAddItem03 ) is the 3rd in the series of four related quests. They must be preformed and completed in sequence before they are cycled through again. There is a 48 hour wait ( game time ) between quest completion before the next quest will start.
  • WIAddItem01 - "Did you find something good?" = Picking up an item and an NPC says something like "Hope nobody misses that...", "That was just lying around? Good find.", etc..
  • WIAddItem02 - Rummaging through trash = Scrounging around taking things like cabbages out of barrels and containers.
  • WIAddItem03 - Steal, Thugs hunt player = Stealing or pick-pocketing items from NPC's with a neutral or worse relationship. You don't have to get caught doing it.
  • WIAddItem07 - Buy Dwarven artifact = Buying dwarven armor or weapons and getting a note from Calcelmo saying he's interested in acquiring it.
Hand, feet, mask but no body while wearing the Spriggan armor.
It's the commom 100% body weight armor bug. You can fix it in console with the following command: "player.setnpcweight 99"

Man! The ending for the Spriggan quest is tedious!
It's roughly an hour game time. If you have a mod that alters the game's time scale that could draw it out longer ( or shorten it ). Also. the longer you wear the spriggan armor the more powerful the armor becomes but the ending sequence lasts longer too.

I Uninstalled your mod and I died!
It means that while the mod was installed your character died and the mod prevented it. This mod toggles God mode on when before EndDeferredKill is preformed. BUT scripting can get saved with the character and it will overide later versions of a mod preventing an update from functioning. So. If this happens. Before you uninstall type "TIM" in console to Toggle Immortal Mode on. and keep it on during the uninstall process. When you have finished turn it off by typing "TIM" in console again.

I Uninstalled your mod and I'm Immortal!
If you remove SD without going through the uninstall process the player never gets EndDeferredKill run on them.

Wearing the Spriggan Armor, now what?
After the player becomes the host for the spriggan the next stage of the quest is triggered by a few specific comments made about the spriggan armor ( i.e. not any comment, not any comment about the armor, a few specific comments ) by NPCs. You'll get a quest update when it happens. If you have a mod the like "Reduced Distance NPC Greetings" (Steam) then NPCs will not make comments about the player's unusual appearance and the quest will not proceed.

The labia rings are missing their texture.
Are they a solid color or are they semi-transparent? If they're semi-transparent then they are not missing the texture. They're suppose to look that way.

SD Immortality Fix
  • Download SD_Imortal_Fix.7z ( 1.1 KB )
  • Load your immortal Character save.
  • In console: Use TIM on the player to Toggle Immortal Mode on
  • Save & exit the game
  • Install and enable SD_Imortal_Fix.
  • Load the save from #3
  • In console: Use TIM on the player to Toggle Immortal Mode off
  • Save & exit the game.
  • Disable and uninstall SD_Imortal_Fix.
  • Juan Ponce de León is very disappointed.
I upgraded and now I CTD whenever I try to load a save
Instead of using Continue to start the last save, try going through Load instead.

Additional Credit
Thanks to b3lisario, Calyps, Gatti, MasterChris, Nalim, Youiko, Zaria, ZaZ

Translations Provided by
CGi - German ( an updated translation is available in Downloads )
aravis7 - French ( translation is available in Downloads )

Animations Licensed From Mini Lovers 0.2.3
MiniLovers0.2.3 license.pdf - The original untranslated version of this license.

Dance Animations
Dance Modder Resource by Umpa

Additional Sex Animations Provided by

Previous Support Thread

What's New in Version 2013.09.09.01 (See full changelog)

  • 2013.09.09 - SexLab Update: 2013090901 - Added checks to try to avoid the annoyances. Restored MCM but disabled position controls for sex (They do nothing now. Use SexLabs controls).
  • 2013.09.07 - SexLab Update: 2013090702 - Spriggans now use SexLab as well. All slavery items
  • now have the proper ZBF keyword. All scrips recompiled under SKSE 1.6.16. The requirements have also changed. SKSE v1.6.16, FNIS v4.0. Sexis & Fuz are no longer required.
  • 2013.09.02 - SexLab Update: 2013090201 - Added additional checks to prevent NPCs standing back up when SexLab starts.
  • 2013.07.27 - SexLab Update: 2013072701 - Removed timers that were interfering with SexLab.
  • 2013.05.05 - Maintenance Update: 2013050501 - Removed dirty NPC edits. Addressed thug AI in "Payback's a Bitch"
  • 2013.04.26 - Maintenance Update: 2013042601 - Rollback on the changes that I think are causing CTDs.
  • 2013.04.24 - Maintenance Update: 2013042402 - Reordering of "Payback's a Bitch" quest aliases. Spriggan quest will now reset enslavement when stopped.
  • 2013.04.23 - Maintenance Update: 2013042301 - "Payback's a Bitch" has been tweaked. AI and quest startup & shutdown
  • 2013.04.22 - Maintenance Update: 2013042201 - Quick fix to the Hardcore disabled shutdown of the enslavement quest.
  • 2013.04.21 - Maintenance Update: 2013042101 - Mistwatch drawbridge is opened when the Thug Quest starts rather than using an AI package. An omod ready version has also been made available.
  • 2013.04.20 - Maintenance Update: 2013042001 - Mistwatch drawbridge, locked doors & factions.
  • 2013.04.15 - Maintenance Update: 2013041501 - A mod script inventory was done. Some scripts renamed from their original vanilla script names so the compiled versions are included in the BSA
  • 2013.04.14 - Maintenance Update: 2013041401 - Fuz Ro D-oh is now required. Blindfolds are nastier, Boss #3 for "Payback's a Bitch" is now in Mistwatch.
  • 2013.04.13 - Maintenance Update: 2013041304 - Removed dragonborn.esm as a required master, missing blindfold fixed, slower updates on demerit gains for staying close to the master.
  • 2013.04.13 - Maintenance Update: 2013041301 - Blindfolds, timing loops & demerits.
  • 2013.04.07 - Maintenance Update: 2013040702 - Solstheim (Dragonborn) spriggans addressed in the main ESP file and in SDpatch - dragonborn.esp file
  • 2013.04.07 - Maintenance Update: 2013040701 - Fixes not equipping slave items
  • 2013.04.06 - Maintenance Update: 2013040604 - Dialogue workarounds, hardcore mode tweaks, new image space modifiers for blindfolds.
  • 2013.04.02 - Maintenance Update: 2013040201 - Spriggans, Thugs, Arresting Guards and a "hardcore" mode.
  • 2013.03.25 - Maintenance Update: 2013032501 - Cages & CTDs! Fixed the cage selection process. Again


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