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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: Classic, 20170302.1
  • Submitted: Mar 04 2014 09:51 AM
  • Last Updated: Mar 02 2017 11:33 AM
  • File Size: 39.73MB
  • Views: 581614
  • Downloads: 203,513
  • Requires: SKSE 1.7.0+, JContainers 3.2+, SexLab 1.6x, SexLab Aroused, Slavetats 1.2.X (optional)
  • Special Edition Compatible : No

Download Apropos Classic, 20170302.1

* * * * * 36 Votes
Immersion SexLab WearAndTear Effects


Don't you wish that during SexLab animations there was something, well, more??
Well, Apropos attempts to fill in the gaps and help complete the erotic experience.


It provides:


1. Erotic descriptions about the current animations running.
2. A Wear and Tear system, including Player and NPC consequences/effects
3. Integrates with SexLab Arousal to generate arousal based adjectives, etc.
4. (Optional) Integrates with Slavetats API to apply specific (not-user defined!) textures that match to level of Wear and Tear "abuse"






















ANIMATION PATCHUPS (additions and removals of SL tags)

















- Database restructuring.








- SKSE 1.7.0+
- SexLab 1.6x
- SexLab Aroused
- JContainers 3.0+. Here: http://www.loverslab...63-jcontainers/


Posted Image




- Before reporting a problem, please verify you have installed/have the requirements above.
- Before reporting a problem, please enable both Debug and Trace messages in MCM.
- After reproducing the problem in-game, look under "My Documents\my games\Skyrim\Logs\Script\User" for specially named "Apropos0.log" file.
- Send the Apropos0.log file along with normal Papyrus0.log file.
- By the way, enabling only Debug messages in MCM and reading Apropos0.log files is a great way to learn about how SexLab works. We are capturing all the events during animations, including the animation name, tags, actors names, gender, and victim status.




User egon123 wrote a quick guide for people using localized (e.g. German) versions of Skyrim whose .STRINGS files need to be converted into UTF-8: http://www.loverslab...ropos/?p=944862




- Radiant Prostitution, which also bundles JContainers might conflict. Any other mod that uses JContainers, but at a different API version (e.g. 0.67 vs 3.x)


* See a recompiled version of RP made by user LordEscobar666: http://www.loverslab...112#entry902316




- After SexLab.esm and SexLabAroused.esm




(Note: before attempting to upgrade a game save, I highly recommend creating a new character first, as a test. If you can successfully use Apropos with a new character that can rule out issues that might show up during an upgrade attempt that can muddy the picture. If you have issues with Apropos with a new character test, that can indicate missing dependencies, e.g. JContainers, install issues, or mod incompatibilities.)


From 20140929 to 20140930:
- Probably in-place upgrade should suffice. Pay attention that the Apropos Upgraded message is displayed when loading your save though.
From 201403xx and 201406xx to 201409xx:
- In the MCM panel for Apropos click "Uninstall mod" under the General tab. Wait a few moments then exit MCM.
- Make a clean save in Skyrim. Exit.
- Uninstall your current version of Apropos. Make sure to remove any Data/Scripts/Source/Apropos*.psc and Data/Scripts/Apropos*.pex files just in case.
- Reload game save, dismiss warning about missing objects. Wait a few minutes, perform save again. Exit
- Reload game save, wait a few minutes, perform save again. Exit
- (optional) Use Savegame Script Scalpel: http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/53045/? or savetool.
-Install new version of Apropos.
-Reload game save. You should see message about Apropos upgrading to version 201409xx. View MCM panel for Apropos and exit immediately.
-Wait until you see a message about new MCM menu being registered.
-Go into Apropos MCM panel and click "REFRESH" under Message Preferences.
-Make a clean save.
* Scalpel Instructions





- Ashal and cohorts for the great work in SexLab.
- Earendil for JContainers and all his consultation work.
- FoxyVixen21 in starting this mod, collaborating with me on this mod, and contributing when possible to its continued evolution.
- All the patient people willing to test this mod and foster its continued growth and evolution.
- Thanks to FrankJWilson for his idea about user-defined synonym lookups.
- Decauk for GREAT WORK creating some impressive erotic descriptions!
- Ekirts Ykcul for awesome SkinTextures!!
- McDoogle for suggesting using Slavetats API and providing the Slavetats packages of SkinTextures.
- murfk for Slavetats and helping me understand the API usage.


Feature Requests, Ideas, and Descriptions Submissions--->>> : http://www.loverslab...ons-submission/

What's New in Version Classic, 20170302.1 (See full changelog)

  • 20140304:
  • Fixed a couple of MalePC/NPC -> Female bugs.
  • 20140307:
  • 1. Rename AproposMagicEffect to AproposWearAndTearDegradeEffect.psc to be more specific and make room for additional CK effects added to mod.
  • 2. Delete objects in ESP referring to old names.
  • 3. Change some scripts to be Quest scripts rather than Global utility type scripts.
  • 4. Make sure instrumentation for logging is consistent.
  • 5. Refactor some code - moved some 'true' utility functions to AproposUtil.psc
  • 6. A little cleanup with regard to how W&T and NPC-W&T are enabled/disabled in MCM.
  • 7. During AnimationChange make sure we don't display a secondary/duplicate Anal/Oral/Vaginal message that was already shown during AnimationStart.
  • 8. Fix a bug where an female orgasm/virginity lost message was shown for Male PC/NPCs.
  • 9. Flesh out AproposTests.psc to contain more meat - added substantial test output - triggered in MCM under Developer test.
  • 20140423:
  • - Update to JContainers 0.65.
  • - Apply Earendil's patch to AproposDescriptionDb.psc that fixes infinite loop when invalid tokens are supplied.
  • - Run Skyindent.
  • - Fix Male PC -> Female display of lost virginity messages for vaginal, oral and anal.
  • - Update MCM image to reflect new mod.
  • - Revise sexpart synonyms - remove "orgasm".
  • - Add non-rape creature db files.
  • - Adopt some of Decauk's synonym and W&T edits.
  • - Using JContainers "wrap" method to break long lines.
  • 20140424:
  • - Utilize methods on AproposConfig.psc for checking debug/trace levels instead …
  • …of properties (seems to work more reliably).
  • - Transition synonyms system to one that dynamically discovers token names, yet looks for specific tokens that are needed.
  • - Leverage JContainers JDB for managing synonym lookups. Instead of maintaining Form string array variables, just store the entire Synonyms.txt into JDB and use that.
  • - Add methods to AproposDescriptionDb.psc InitializeSynonyms, RandomSynonym, and AllSynonymTokenNames.
  • - Expand "standard" token map used during text message buildup - most tokens are supported across messages, with a few exceptions.
  • 20140610:
  • - Complete rewrite of Wear and Tear system.
  • - Using a 20-slot system of Apropos Actor Aliases for tracking Unique (named) PC + Player Character
  • - Remove usage of PapyrusUtil/StorageUtil in favor of JContainers 0.67.1
  • - Change Wear and Tear descriptors so they are structured as arrays that can be randomly selected per level (e.g. "level0" => [ ... ])
  • - Add Arousal Descriptors for Female Arousal, Male Arousal, and Readiness ... all resolving to individual arrays allowing for random variations.
  • - Add Animation Patchups quest allowing me to add/remove tags from various SL animations.
  • - Add MCM config options for specifying W&T degrade 'factor', W&T cap limit
  • - Add MCM config options for showing tracked W&T Npcs, their current w&t values, and ability to reset if need be.
  • - Add MCM general option to print to log every actors SexLab "Lewdness" (yes or no), Pain (0-100), Enjoyment (0-100), and Arousal (0-100)
  • - Shorten a few token names,e.g. "{WEARTEAR_ANAL}" -> "{WTANAL}" (Decauk)
  • - Update logic so Arousal and Wear/Tear descriptors are read into JContainers JDB when starting main quest.
  • - Always update JDB when loading game (no more "RELOAD" explicitly required)
  • - Introduce some basic logic to generate Stage-specific messages (nothing visible yet)
  • - Integrate Arousal descriptor lookups into all messages (authoring is needed to take advantage)
  • - Implement W&T messages when W&T state has increased or decreased "Mindi Badweyn's asshole is no longer as sore as it was. Now it is only loose."
  • - Fixed bug where Big Spider descriptions where being used for Spider AND big Spider because Big Spider SL animation was tagged with both.
  • 20140611:
  • - Fix bug (thanks Chajapa) where Male PC characters were not get virginity lost messages when deflowering Female NPCs.
  • - Fix bug in Animation patchups (needed to use SexLab.CreatureSlots.GetByRegistrar)
  • - Added patchups to add "falmer" to two falmer animations.
  • 20140613:
  • - Added a bunch of new description files submitted by Susanoo27.
  • - Change Virginity Lost message generation so it uses the main token map, rather than a truncated one (Chajapa)
  • - Add message support for SexLab animation stage progression.
  • - Add message support for MMF/FMM TwoMales-OneFemale animations.
  • 20140613.1:
  • - Changed Stage Progression so only stages > 1 are shown. Remove escape-hatch code (Chajapa)
  • 20140613.2:
  • - Added MCM options for selecting individual stage progression messages.
  • 20140613.3:
  • - Added missing stage progression support for Boobjob animations.
  • 20140618.1:
  • - Only show W&T "Increased" type messages out of combat.
  • - Contextualize all Stage progression messages with consensual or rape.
  • 20140926.1:
  • - W&T Debuff Effects, including new WearAndTearEffects json control file.
  • - F and M Masturbation messages, including start, orgasm, and stages
  • - Unique-animation support, e.g. ZynStanding
  • - Compiled against JContainers 3.1.0 (includes JC 3.1.0)
  • - Includes Decauk database from 9/17.
  • - Change logic for determing if actor is {anal, vaginal, oral} virgin or not. Consult SexLab's GetSkill method. If that returns zero, using Apropos-originated, actor-specific storage for virginal status instead. If SL GetSkill > 0 then that indicates non-virginal status in that area.
  • - Make sure W&T change status messages only appear outside of combat and not during other SL animations. They get (re)scheduled 1-5 minutes (random) later.
  • - Add mod validation for required JC API and featureversion numbers (API must = 3, and FV >= 0)
  • - Add Riekling support for W&T
  • - Add support for stages 6 & 7.
  • - Various animation patchups (tag changes)
  • 20140929.1:
  • - Unbundled JContainers.
  • - Add MCM option for enabling/disable SL Animation Descriptions (default: enabled)
  • - Remove Arousal Settings MCM page for now.
  • - Add option for disabling/enabling virginity lost messages (default: enabled)
  • - Tweaked logic so if nothing is found in the section for the user's Narrative Voice (1st, 2nd, 3rd), log to Apropos0.log that fact.
  • - Add Handjob, Footjob and Fisting animation description generation.
  • - Complete support for stages 6 & 7.
  • - Add support for Lurkers.
  • - Include updated Decauk database from 9/29, after editing, fixing spelling, etc.
  • 20140930.1:
  • - Remove Anal and add Vaginal to HorseDoggyStyle.
  • - Remove Giant and add Lurker to Lurker animations.
  • - Remove Vaginal from LurkerHolding.
  • - Add Handjob to LurkerHolding.
  • - Fix helper methods to support masturbation.
  • - A little refactoring in AproposDescriptionDb.psc.
  • - Fix bug with Masturbation, add HandJob creature support for holding animations (e.g. Giant).
  • - (Decauk) Add Draugr Anal, Horse Anal, Giant Handjob and Lurker Handjob descriptions.
  • - (Decauk) Fix WearTearIncreased messages to be less contextual with previous sexlab animations.
  • 20141003.1:
  • 1. Some initial (testing) *new* Apropos-as-Service-API experimental code in Apropos.psc.
  • 2. Add some patchups for MSC - Panic and Dayelyte animations missing Canine tag.
  • 3. Rewrite Common.GetCreatureFromAnimation to use SslThreadController.CreatureRef.GetName() for creature type lookups.
  • 4. Fix some Unique animation logic (decauk)
  • 20141003.2:
  • - Revert last change so creature types come by interrogating animation tags, not thread.creatureref.
  • 20141003.3:
  • - Bug fix related to previous update.
  • 20141003.4:
  • - Minor Bug fix affecting log output.
  • - Bump MCM version number.
  • 20141017.1:
  • - Add new description files for unique animations: APBedMissionary, APCowGirl, …
  • …ArrowCowGirl, DDBeltedSolo, DarkInvestigationsDoggystyle, SexLabAggrMissionary, Zaz PillorySex01, ZynDoggyStyle, ZynMissionary, ZynRoughStanding.
  • - Revamped debug & trace logging calls.
  • - Add MCM switch to enable turning OFF Console output
  • - Added Tags to animation patchups ("DDBeltedSolo" => "Masturbation")
  • - Replaced "Seeking" tag with "Seeker" in DaedraHugging anim patchup.
  • - Put in checks to see if JString.Wrap has failed because of string encoding problems (localized versions of Skyrim).
  • - Move W&T damage lookups into new Json control file WearAndTear_Damage.txt.
  • - Add the trace level, add additional log information about W&T tracking for each actor.
  • - Revamp W&T damage so if either Rape OR aggressive animation tag is present, damage increases to each body area 10%.
  • - Add new "Abuse" W&T damage tracking to each body part in three new areas: general abuse, creature abuse, and daedric abuse (Seeker, Lurker and Dremora).
  • - Use Abuse W&T damage to apply SkinTextures texture decals ("After Effects", "Cuts", "Scars", "Tears & Sobs") to body and face. REQUIRES SLAVETATS.
  • - Add MCM slavetat detection code.
  • - W&T Effect Debuffs are applied immediately rather than waiting for actor being quiesced. We still attempt to only show W&T status change messages when the actor is out of combat, not in an SL animation, and not searching for enemies ("red dots").
  • - Code refactorings and removal of dead code/options.
  • 20141021.1:
  • - Add Unique animation description files: ArrokBlowJob, ArrokOral, and DarkInvestigationsBlowJob.
  • - Fix description file spelling mistakes and typos.
  • - Change SkinTextures code to let Slavetats manage slot assignment.
  • - Added info to MCM list of W&T Tracked NPC actors - abuse stats.
  • - Added info to MCM info for W&T Tracked PC - abuse stats.
  • - Make sure if the user resets a W&T state down (or up) we infer what the appropriate value/amount is.
  • - Remove unnecessary functions wrapping properties.
  • - Move W&T mapping code to AproposCommon.psc
  • - Subscribe in AproposAnimationPatchups.psc to SexLabReset event. If SexLab is reset, we will re-run the animation patchups.
  • - Move check for Slavetats so that if Slavetats is installed after Apropos is installed/upgraded we will still pick it up.
  • - Capture specific JContainers installation failure status (dep check) as a message, and present that in anotherwise blank MCM pane.
  • 20150424.1:
  • - New Message Widget System
  • - Initial, but incomplete F-F system.
  • - Made AnimationPatchups NOT run at mod startup; Instead user is required to invoke in MCM "once things have settled down". Animation patchups now is driven by Json AnimationPatchups.txt.
  • - Added Theme support (driven by Themes.txt) using a weighting scheme. Weight = 4 vs Weight = 1, results in former 4x more often to be used; Weight = 0 to disable a theme.
  • - No theme content really at this point - everything falls back to default theme at the moment.
  • 20161007.1:
  • - Fixed MCM settings export bug.
  • - Now using ObjectReference.GetDisplayName() for retrieving actor names.
  • - Changed Widget implementation, so NPC widget assignments don't get "locked" if a scene stops due to combat or death of an NPC actor. Now there are Widget sections: "PC" (slot 0, topmost), "NPC" (slots 1-3) and "MISC" (slots 4-6).
  • - Updated database: Consolidated with Decauk latest update, but removed all "Piss" and "Shit" references. Added a few new attributes: SWEARING ("Oh shit"), CUMMING, and SCUM ("Filth").
  • - Recompiled against latest Slavetats API.
  • - Now includes all abuse textures.
  • 20161010.1:
  • - Update {CUMMING} tag
  • 20161017.1:
  • 1. Add contributed unique animations (Anubs_nature, HorkerSex, SkeeverBillyymount, SkeeverBillyyfacefuck).
  • 2. Add generic tag-based Skeever animations.
  • 3. Add 'resistant' theme which replaces some of the Hentai-like descriptions with some more serious rape descriptions.
  • 4. Add Anal tag to Anubs Doggy.
  • 5. Set 'resistant' theme to be weight 10.0 by default (highest weighted theme)
  • 6. Increase Chaurus W&T damage. Add W&T damages for Skeever, Boar, Netch, and Horker.
  • 7. Remove 'Reducing xxxx's wear and tear' messages.
  • 8. Remove some obsolete properties in MCM.
  • 9. Update creature tag support - +Sabrecat (syn for Cat), +VampirLord (syn for Vampire Lord), Benthiclurker (syn for Lurker), +Netch, +Horker, +Skeever/skeever
  • 10. Removed some wordy debug statements about widget state.
  • 20161101.1:
  • 1. Fixed some broken tags (thanks bicobus).
  • 2. Fixed some missing synonyms (thanks Vauria).
  • 3. No programmatic changes, not MCM version update.
  • 20161101.2:
  • 1. Fix mcm import bug.
  • 2. Bump mcm version.
  • 20161119.1:
  • 1. Fix detection of DremoraRace
  • 2. A little code cleanup.
  • 3. Add support for Apropos descriptions for stages 8-13.
  • 4. Add MCM support for toggling stages 8-13.
  • 5. Add support for MMF, MMMF, MMMMF, MMMMMF descriptions
  • 6. Add descriptions for MMF, MMMF, MMMMF (non-consensual).
  • 7. Add Synonym: {OPENING} -> opening, hole, orifice, passage. Needed to write descriptions where the body part is non-deterministic.
  • 8. Add Synonym: {QUIVERING} -> quivering, trembling, shaking, unsteady, twitching, hesitant, shuddering, quaking, shivering.
  • 9. Add Synonym: {HORNY} -> lustful, horny, eager, demanding, aroused, excited, lecherous, lewd, rabid
  • 10. Add Synonym: {GENWT} -> sore, abused, tender, gaping, used, raw, stretched, flooded, saturated, swollen, pliant, tingling, burning. Used to describe, Generally, the Wear and Tear during a scene, unrelated to the actual W&T state of the actor. Useful in non-consensual descriptions, particularly gangbangs (e.g. MMMF)
  • 20161219.1:
  • 1. Add color tinting to W&T Tats.
  • 2. Add Stagger effect when W&T has increased.
  • 3. Add actor Moans when W&T has increased or decreased. When increased it plays a victim Moan; when decreased plays a non-victim Moan.
  • 4. Actor tracked for W&T will auto-masturbate when W&T has decreased and arousal is high enough (default 80).
  • 5. W&T progression is now checked every hour, and will be decreased depending upon W&T Degrade Frequency (setting) and randomness (12 hour degrade frequency equates to about 10% chance, 24 hour to 5% chance)
  • 6. Added some code to allow full MCM configuration of player widget size.
  • 7. Fixed description code that wasn't playing Masturbation animation descriptions.
  • 8. Commented out some logging.
  • 20170109.1:
  • 1. Add MCM option to enable/disable Auto-masturbate during W&T decreases (default: ON)
  • 2. Add support for Mod Event to allow external mod to setup W&T values on an Actor.
  • 20170226.1:
  • 1. Add MCM option for Chance of W&T degrade, defaults to 5%
  • 2. Update W&T logic so elapsed game time is computed during sleeping, waiting and applies degrade logic appropriate number of times based on degrade period (old option in MCM, defaults to 1 hour).
  • 3. Add MCM options to support Skooma potions (any potion with "skooma" in name), Chaurus Eggs, and Spider eggs consumed by player to reduce W&T. This ties into some roleplaying oppirtunities with Skooma Whore mod and SexLab Parasites. BY default consuming a Skooma-type potion, or a Chaurus/Spider egg will apply a W&T decrease across entire body at a value of 20. Also, when said "consumables" are ingested, they will incur a small arousal exposure, and a light moan.
  • 20170302.1:
  • 1. Fixed numeric conversion bug with use of Degrade Chances.
  • 2. Added support for Mascara Smears. Applied generally for levels below 4 and above 0.
  • 3. Added Slavetats-makeup textures to package.


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots