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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Submitted: Feb 05 2013 05:41 PM
  • Last Updated: Apr 10 2014 03:54 PM
  • File Size: 7.23MB
  • Views: 95450
  • Downloads: 52,144
  • Requires: Sexout Common Resources

Download Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy Stable Version 20140124.1

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SexoutNG Sexout Pregnancy New Vegas Fallout SCR

Welcome to PregnancyV3

It works for Female Players, the MCM setting allows it to also work for just the Player, Player & Female Companions or Female Companions and Female NPC's, though be careful not to over use this as it could become a lag fest if too many NPC's are running fertility scripts. You can use the MCM sliders to select who can be fertile male and female. MCM sliders also select if Creatures & Bots can cause pregnancy.

Pregnancy does not cause sex to occur, it just detects sex occurring from other Sexout mods.
If you are new to this, make sure everything else in Sexout works ok before adding this, don't install 30 plugins at once without knowing what they do or how they work, hit go and then not know what is causing the problem, there are a heap of old dead plugins on Lovers Lab that are for old Sexout or just too many versions behind current SexoutNG & SCR to work :)

Also note this is a complex mod, as there are scripts running on each offspring to grow them and adding fertility/pregnancy to random NPC's may cause lag & freezing depending on how many and how good your computer is, I can't do anything about that, it's just an computer/engine limitation, if you want to get a specific NPC pregnant turn on Female NPC pregnancy before sex then set it back again afterwards and that will allow the fertility tokens to be added then and continue to work. Also consider killing or selling Offspring if you have too many. This mod will grind your game to nearly a halt & cause stuttering and all sorts of issues if Pregnancy is used on everyone or you have a lot of OffSpring.

The data file contains some of the Baby Assets you will need.

OffSpring mamagement scripts have now been moved into their own ESM called SexoutOffSpring without it or a replacement OffSpring won't follow their parent. So if you don't install SexoutOffSpring.esm, or another OffSpring replacement, Offspring will still be born but will not grow or do anything except random sandbox behaviour. Eggs will not hatch. Larve will not grow.
SexoutOffSpring.esm needs to be below Pregnancy in Load Order


I have no problems with anyone translating this to FO3 or other Languages, just give me credit and link back to LoversLab
Russian Translation: http://gamesource.ru...indpost&p=51428

NVSE ScriptExtender

Sexout Common Resources (SCR) 20130517.1 or later

Pregnancy requires SCR, SexoutSharedResources (SSR) conflicts with SCR, so you can't use it with Pregnancy.
Make sure you go to EvilRunner & User29's Maternity clothes threads and get the latest clothing files too.

You also need MCM to change any settings.

Full List & Download links are in the second post of the Support Topic

Please use the Support Topic Button on the right for more information, support & beta versions. The beta should only be used by experienced users and issues with it reported in it's support thread. The second post here contains more information and link for the beta version containing technical stuff where modders can request new features.

You will also need to download the Maternity clothing packs listed in the 2nd Post if you want to use those outfits in Plugins or SexoutStore.

Also remember when you update this it may change itself in your load order, use the following Load order or it will crash your game:



The file version is in YYYYMMDD.x format, eg 20120122.2 = 2012-01-22 Version2.
When reporting issues please state what version of SCR & Pregnancy you are using.

Known Bugs:

The players nude body is blocked from swapping to the pregnant version during sex, this is a software limitation to do with the camera, NPC's will swap ok.

Link to Download OP: http://www.loverslab...egas-pregnancy/

What's New in Version 20140124.1 (See full changelog)

  • Update 20140124.1:
  • Updated Douches for SpunkCompatibility
  • Fix to Semen quantities not showing correctly and CumBloating not working
  • Fixes to start timers in SexoutOffSpring
  • Update 20130121.1:
  • Moved Damaged Casual/Spring wear swapping back into Pregnancy
  • Added 800 limits to sleep deprivation damage from being pregnant P3-P7 in hardcore mode
  • Update 20140117.1:
  • Moved Offspring Home Marker and Inventory Transfer trunk into OffSpring from SCR
  • Added code to add New Offspring to Sexout BannedActors lists
  • Update 20140116.1:
  • Added support for SCR to delete NX variables if Pregnancy is not installed
  • Set Sexout Offspring to it's own Start timer to get rid of the wrong version start message issue
  • Update 20140107.1:
  • Adjustments to CumBloating to try fix Belly size issues.
  • Changed NightStalker Pregnancy to produce eggs, eggs hatch into young NightStalkers
  • Remove Offspring scripts and moved them into SexoutOffSpring
  • Fixes to dead Offspring bodies never deleting selves
  • Done some basic testing and a variety of offspring in the test trunk seem to grow ok without crashes.
  • Updated PregDebug to include Gestating NightStalkers
  • Update 20140106.5:
  • Fixed the rest of the Offspring Scripts
  • Deleted 46 scripts for Young OffSpring now replaced by 2 new scripts, didn't realise I had that many offspring variations
  • Update 20140106.1:
  • Fixes for Babies and eggs not growing when not carried
  • Fixes to some Growth scripts of Young & Mature offspring, I've still got a few more to do yet
  • Reduced scripts so YoungOffspring can all use the same script now, still got to do the aggressive offspring
  • Update 20131227.2:
  • Added rZActor.NX_GetEVFl "SOP:fCumBloat"
  • Update 20131227.1:
  • Fixes to Token Scripts for Semen, Fertility & Pregnancy Removal
  • Removed redundant BirthStageToken
  • Update 20131223.1:
  • Fixes to a weird error in P7 BodySwapping script
  • Minor improvements to Sex End script adding fertility token but unable to find anything to cause reported crashing or reproduce crashing with Oral, Vaginal & Anal sex with Goodsprings humans
  • Reduction of time for ActorDead check in most scripts
  • Copied over a lot of the Offspring improvements in bjornk's PregnancyPatch, still looking further into some of them
  • Update 20131222.1:
  • Re-enabled Cum bloating to maximum of P1 extra, so if you are P1 Pregnant it could take you to P2
  • Update 20131221.1:
  • Support for Custom Races selecting Ova by new Formlists in SCR
  • Removal of a couple of old unused scripts
  • Update 20131218.1:
  • Added Morning sickness Effect with Queasy message
  • Adjusted Debugging for NPC's to show when in Cell rather than only when within 900 of player
  • Removed a lot of unused references in scripts
  • Removed references to disused SCR AsianT3Race
  • Added checks to prevent Birthing scripts being added or running on NPC's if the player isn't in the cell.
  • Update 20131212.1:
  • Fixes for Matriach outfit
  • Fixes for NPC Birthing causing Crashes
  • Update 20131211.1:
  • Fixed Bugs in Ova scripts
  • Fixed Bugs in Birthing scripts
  • Slowed down all Fertility, Ova & Pregnancy scripts, they now only fire every 30 game minutes, so chances of getting pregnant may be lower as check are done less often, I've made some adjustments to compensate but unsure how good they are.
  • Update 20131210.1:
  • Largely untested, just wanted to get it all down so I remembered what I've done
  • Fix for NPC births failing by swapping Effect script to Token
  • Fixes to Offspring Growth scripts
  • Swapping of some more stuff to use NX variables
  • Adjustments to reduce Belly size slightly and Deathclaw eggs
  • Fixes to timing scripts to allow for time over 1 week or reverse time travel.
  • Added readonly NX variables for FertCyclePercent, FertLevelPercent, FertCycleDuration & FertCycleFertPerc
  • Fix for tokens not adding to NPC's during sex on MCM setting 3
  • Added new formlist for Setting 2 Group 2 NPC's populated from SCR's Possible Companions Formlist.
  • Update 20131126.1:
  • Updated Pregnancy DataPack to remove a duplicated Ghost suit mesh
  • Swapped birthing to use NX_Variable instead of Token
  • Requires PregData 20131126
  • Update 20131117.1:
  • Added Swapping support for Matriach Outfits for Breeder
  • Update 20131114.1:
  • Some small fixes of issues reported since last beta like Medical scanner not showing etc.
  • Increased usage of NX variables for communication in scripts has reduced the size of a lot of scripts as I don't have to use GetItem to count tokens in every script anymore.
  • Major changes in Semen system, removed all remaining old V2 Semen system Misc token stuff, changed some of the leftovers to use the V3 Armor Token stuff. Make sure your Semen/Smell timers aren't set to 0 in SCR. It shouldn't have any compatibility issues though.
  • Alpha Update 20131112.1:
  • Added missing support for Sterile Actors formlist to SCR
  • Added Support for NeverGetsPregnant formlist into Pregnancy Fertility Token
  • Slowed down Birthing Progression a little by decreasing chances of water breaking and contraction messages
  • Added extra NX Variables as below Birth count increments each birth and moves prevoffspring down the list at each birth
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:iPregCountHumanoid" = Total number of Current Humanoid Pregnancies
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:iSemenTotal" = Total amount of Semen inside Actors Vagina
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:fHoursTillBirth" = Hours till pregnancy birth is due
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:fPregChance" = Rough calculation Chance of actor getting pregnant
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:iNumOfBirths" iNumOfBirths
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:rPrevOffspring:1" rPrevOffSpring1
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:rPrevOffspring:2" rPrevOffSpring2
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:rPrevOffspring:3" rPrevOffSpring3
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:rPrevOffspring:4" rPrevOffSpring4
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:rPrevOffspring:5" rPrevOffSpring5
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:rPrevOffspring:6" rPrevOffSpring6
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:rPrevOffspring:7" rPrevOffSpring7
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:rPrevOffspring:8" rPrevOffSpring8
  • ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOP:rPrevOffspring:9" rPrevOffSpring9
  • Update 20131114.1:
  • Fixes & Improvements to Debug Messages
  • Slowing down of Birthing messages
  • Changes to Contaceptive / Fertility Drug effect level on Fertility & Pregnancy speed
  • Increased chance of multiple Pregnancy by Semen quantity
  • Set more Tokens to Invisible
  • Added Debug.esp to make tokens visible if desired
  • Restored functionality to BellySizeCountToken
  • Requires SCR 20140124.1 or later
  • Requires PregData 20131126.1