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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 1.1.6 TAWoBA cocksock re
  • Submitted: Oct 12 2017 01:26 AM
  • Last Updated: Yesterday, 01:41 PM
  • File Size: 161.8MB
  • Views: 21499
  • Downloads: 1,554
  • Special Edition Compatible : No

Download Futa-SMP: Preconfigured XML/Mesh/Texture pack 1.1.6 TAWoBA cocksock re

- - - - -
HDT Futa Collision Futanari HDT-SMP SMP Schlongs of Skyrim SoS UUNP Bikini


This is a futa-themed HDT-SMP "modder's resource". Copy what you want, paste, and play.



  • "Full" collision of everything on everything, tweaked to jiggle like some anime nonsense. For example, full (psuedo)realistic collision between two pairs of breasts, or unrealistic giant schlong penetration with appropriate vaginal stretching animation and belly bulging.
  • Highly customized meshes with features you won't find sliders for:
  • Two highly athletic but very female hard body versions: massively erect nipples, or more rounded ones, with harder and lighter texture options
  • One soft body with naturally busty features with a widened inner pelvic region to help take the giant schlong in this kit
  • Two schlong mesh/texture choices: one edited to specifically fit the hard body's defined pelvic region, another that is wearable by most UUNP bodies but has textures made specifically for the soft body
  • HDT-SMP xmls that are ready to work with aforementioned models without further XML editing.
  • HDT-PE partial compatibility: High heels, hairs and Floppy SOS. My SMP XMLs only act on my bodies, body parts and SMP-enabled armors.
  • A total* conversion of Nisetanaka's The Amazing World of Bikini Armor for the hard body type only, hundreds of .nifs hastily hand-edited and badly weight painted to support a wide range of bouncing and swaying motions in the breasts, belly, front/rear thighs and butt. Bikini tops will disable most hardware taxing SMP collisions while keeping full jiggling effects so you can actually expect to adventure and fight at decent framerates with my package installed. Also quite possibly the first and only conversion of this extensive armor library to support massive tits and ass without looking like stretched bodyslided dogshit. Mostly. *I didn't bother with the cyborg set. Please request this if it's a big deal to you.
  • A set of 13 Futa-specific SOS and Floppy SOS enabled cock socks, each matching elements of one of TAWoBA's armor sets. Just quick texture work for now - fancy details like straps and plates to come later, as well as male versions & SMP physics. All are craftable with 3 leather strips. No book required. To spawn a chest containing 10 of each, ~ open console, type "help cock", note ID # of the Cocksock Chest, and enter "player.placeatme ID#goeshere".
  • A beta version of CT77's remodeled armor and clothes for the hard and soft bodies.
  • SMP-enabled penz0r schlong & cocksock set that works for males and werewolves, because my fetish isn't always yours
  • SMP schlong and scrotum physics, with realistic collision such as balls->thigh.
  • Bodyslide support for UUNP bodies, freeing you to use my XML on proportions of your choosing. This is dependent on the amazing new work in progress prZ is doing with mesh-matching collision bodyslide shapes.
  • Bodyslide support for TAWoBA, CT77's remodeled armor, and possibly the book of UUNP.
The most recent possible versions of:
  • Racemenu to get proportions as seen in the screenshots.
  • SoS Racemenu plugin - included in SoS full.
  • HDT PE (with my blank hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml overwriting the normal one)
  • Floppy SOS
  • Sexlab (duh),
  • Sexlab Animation Loader To have 100's of animations to choose from
  • Sexlab Tools to have a way of selecting them
  • Whatever pregnancy/inflation mod you prefer, as these bodies are painted for stomach deformation (I still use the ancient Fill Her Up 1.0)
  • PS Universal Body Changer - a sort of easy way to change meshes and textures of you, your followers or innocent bystanders on demand in game. Use this to enjoy multiple body types in your adventures.
  • The Amazing World of Bikini Armor - required if you plan to install my comprehensive replacer package. You probably just need the main file. I can provide a version of the .esp jailbroken from its Dawnguard requirement upon request.
This kit is intended for experienced modders, particularly people already familiar with HDT-PE and want to see what SMP can do. It contains only contains ready-to-use meshes, textures and xmls.
  • Get all the shit above set up and working before even opening my .7z archive. I will not be providing support of any kind for any part of this step.
  • Copy paste the desired contents of the archive over the contents of the folders clearly marked by the folder structure in the kit. Be sure to backup anything you want to hold on to, such as hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml if you're using HDT-PE alongside my SMP setup.


My various jiggly bits are spazzing out.
SMP is quite hardware sensitive. You may experience jittery movement, especially during collisions, if your hardware is significantly inferior (or superior) to mine, and you're somehow running this above 64 FPS. If this occurs...



I started an animation and it looks like crap and everything is a mess.
Very few animations are made to support the proportions and deformations this package is designed to showcase, particularly when it comes to the angle of penetration. It is highly recommended to familiarize yourself with the various animation packages available on this forum and the tools I have linked to make use of them, as truly good looking sex animations for this package are worth remembering.


Hard limitations on the mesh these bodies are derived from prevents decent stomach deformation on/directly above the crotch and vaginal stretching animation on more than one axis. This isn't perfect.


Why is my FPS sometimes dropping to 10 during sex scenes??
Sudden and violent FPS drops during a sex scene are generally caused by constant collision that the reacting mesh cannot escape from: for example, a hand inside a breast. I have taken great pains to give boobs a wide range of motion to slide and compress with, but this can still occur. Try moving your actors away from each other and back together, or switching to a different stage or pose and back again.


Why is my FPS always terrible while outside?
This happens to me too. Being outside + full collision SMP with multiple actors = your computer colliding with the performance wall.
You have three options: Spend $2,000+ USD to get a monster rig, equip some armor that doesn't support SMP collisions, such as a Bikini top from my TAWoBA replacer package (keeps the jiggle for bouncy adventuring with half the FPS loss!), or disable collision entirely by doing the following:


I use a pregnancy or inflation mod and it now looks unreasonable and bad.
Users of anything that scales belly node be aware: I heavily repainted/intensified the weights on the belly node to allow schlong-internal belly collision. You will probably need to tone down your scaling settings to avoid giant, horrible stomach proportions.


There's more than one set of .dll's for HDT-SMP floating around. Which ones should I use?
I have been using the 2016-8-14 binaries when making my xmls. These can be found in the SMP+MemPatch Binary Archive.rar found on prZ's All-in-One downloads page. Your performance will vary if you use later versions. It may actually be substantially better and more smooth and fleshlike - it seemed that way when I tested it, but I suffered from extreme frame rate loss. My computer isn't terribly powerful, so you might have a great experience with it!



  • Improvements to collision physics, particularly friction between the left and right breasts, have caused the reference bodies in the non-colliding armor sets to have abnormally long jiggling, and cause the breasts to sit closer together when idle than the armor intended, causing ugly strap folding on chest pieces - this will be patched in day or two
  • While walking and running with Floppy SOS enabled, some settings will cause the shaft of the schlong to clip behind the balls. Try stiff base as a short term fix until I can replace Floppy SOS with an SMP-based solution.
  • Animations that place hands completely inside the butt or breasts and hold them there can cause them to jiggle uncontrollably.
  • Especially large breasts may sometimes look ridiculous when trying to escape from tight confinement with multiple collidable objects
  • The CT77 beta conversion has significant clipping issues. Rather than fix these manually I have chosen to spend the time on producing a complete bodyslide solution to be released for prZ's upcoming collision-ready SMP bodyslide project.
  • The current TAWoBA .esp seems to contain errors which causes four of the low weight meshes to instead load high weight versions. Or I fucked things up somehow. The affected armors are:
  • Blades Thighs 1
  • Dwarven bikini 7
  • Falmer heavy thong 1
  • Falmer bikini 1
  • Additionally, some of the Blades tassets and one Ebony thong have incorrect up weighting on the crotch plate, causing abnormal deformation.


Everything in here is my tinkering with someone else's hard work, so let me just thank and credit the community at large. I claim no ownership over the contents of this kit - you're free to do with it as you will, as far as I'm concerned.


Don't expect a whole lot of support from me. I made this stuff for my own personal amusement. Providing it is an afterthought.

What's New in Version 1.1.6 TAWoBA cocksock re (See full changelog)

  • 1.1.6
  • First version of my TAWoBA cocksocks added.
  • 1.1.5b
  • Added a beta version of CT77's remodeled armors for hard & soft bodies.
  • Fixed breasts swinging inwards into the chest under certain extreme collisions.
  • 1.1.5
  • Change of naming convention: futa body is now called hard body, female body is now called soft body
  • Fixed schlongs not bending up/down at low char weights
  • Fixed neck scaling with weight on soft body
  • Added version of SMP futa schlong for soft body to wear (and most UUNP female bodies, if with some texture seams)
  • Added hard body mesh with shorter nipples, and added a lighter nipple normal map to go with it
  • Fixed hard body nipple normal maps: significantly less dark blotchy shadows on both types, smoother overall
  • Improved specular map on schlongs to match that of the bodies
  • Small xml tweak to improve boob physics slightly
  • 1.1.4
  • fixed right thigh spazzing, stopped breasts from flattening when actors are on their backs, greatly improved accuracy/smoothness/capacity of pussy open/closing animation
  • 1.1.3
  • Total conversion of Nisetanaka's The Amazing World of Bikini Armor for the Futa-SMP body added.
  • 1.1.2b bikini beta:
  • Added a partially functional version of my replacers for Nisetakana's The Amazing World of Bikini Armor. Expect clipping, SMP-disabled reference bodies, and other issues.
  • 1.1.2a:
  • Rear thigh physics added. General thigh responsiveness and jiggle greatly increased.


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots