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  • Latest Version: 1
  • Submitted: Oct 08 2017 03:01 PM
  • Last Updated: Oct 08 2017 03:03 PM
  • File Size: 24.49KB
  • Views: 4551
  • Downloads: 46
  • Requires: a sense of humor
  • Regular Edition Compatible : No

Download Metal Gear Solid Stealth Crate 1

- - - - -
crate clothing stupid stealth


Ever wondered why no one but solid snake ran around hiding from guards in a crate?


if you did, you must have been really drunk at the time. Like me when i got the idea for this incredibly stupid but amusing mod.


Find solid skakes book: "secrets of stealth", hidden throughout skyrim.
Crate is craftable at the forge, because wood crates are made from fire....


the crate gives you +500 to stealth, and muffle.



1- Helgen Keep
2- Thane Brylings House
3- Ragged Flaggon


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots