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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 1.1
  • Submitted: Sep 10 2017 03:02 PM
  • Last Updated: Sep 16 2017 05:34 AM
  • File Size: 33.01KB
  • Views: 6322
  • Downloads: 160
  • Requires: Four Play

Download Potion 66 1.1

- - - - -

Warning one: This mod should be considered WIP and could break things or future updates might contain breaking changes. Having given the warning I think its fairly safe and things that go wrong should only have something weird happen during an encounter.
Warning two: This is mostly a goofy, I want to see what happens and minor sort of cheat mod so I am not too worried about lore friendliness or really balance impacts right now.
Warning three: I had some of story and a workshop crime syndicate thing I was building around this, but I came to the conclusion I would rather poke my eyes out than work with the quest and dialogue parts of them creation kit, so these chems were ripped out of that mod so I may have missed testing some things.
Warning four: This mod mostly means having sex within in combat areas so any alignment issues can be more pronounced. This also means that there is higher chance than normal of you being attacked or your partner being killed during the animations.


The mods basic premise is to add a few chems that for lack of a better word weaponize sex.


The chems added:


Potion 66 - This tries to pacify any npc's that are attacking the player. (All the effects below last about 5 min before they become hostile again if they are still alive).
If the npc is in the four play allowed race list it has a 100% chance and these 3 things can happen:
1. 40% chance of causing the npc's to go into a frenzy and try to repeatedly force sex on the player. If after a certain period they are put off, they will start attacking their former comrades before finally just collapsing dead.
2. 30% chance that become so horny that if they don't get enough sex before the effect wears off they will drop dead. Basically, they will try and force sex with random characters close to them, prioritizing the player if they are within a certain distance.
3. 30% chance they will become docile until the effect wears off.
If the npc is not in the four play allowed race list there is a 50% chance they will become docile until the effect wears off.


If the npc is not in the four play allowed race list there is a 50% chance they will become docile until the effect wears off.


For 60 seconds after taking the chem any new npc's that were not effected by the original use will be affected when they attack and hit the player. The player will be in a walking state for these 60 seconds.


One thing to note with Potion 66 if you have your weapon drawn the effects will not work, the idea being you seem too hostile for it to effect those around you.


If attacked by the player while under the effect, the effect will cancel and they will become hostile again.


Potion 66 Black Widow - This will cause the player to pretend to submit to the closet target under the effects of Potion 66 above and have sex with them until you kill them. (This was mostly created if you were using Potion 66 in a area and you really needed to kill that one npc to finish a quest).


Like Potion 66 if you have your weapon drawn the effect will not work.


Potion 66 Protection - This adds damage, energy and radiation resistance allong with some base stat buffs. (Idea of this one is more than anything to be an armour re-placer.) The effect lasts 30 min.


Potion 66 Inspire - This is meant to boost the players current followers damage output.. (Right now it adds a custom perk that gives 200% dmg on anyone following the player). The effect lasts 5 min. On the end of the effect the follower will attempt to force sex on the player.


All the chems can be crafted at a chem station under drugs in packs of 10 for 1 fertilizer.


To be honest I am not sure what future is for the mod, I guess it depends somewhat on the response. Things I was thinking about next:
1. Add MCM support and configurable setting for how some of the effects work.
2. Add Side effects to prolonged usage.
3. Balance pass.


The only requirement should be Four Play and any of its requirements.


Updating should only require replacing the old files with the new files.


V1.1 Changes

  • Fixes to reduce the occurrences of the four play busy error.
  • Changed the chance of the Frenzy Effect from 50% to 40%, Horny Effect from 35% to 30%, Basic Pacify from 15% to 30%.
  • Reduced the damage from the Potion 66 Black Widow by 50% (This probably still needs to be reduced more).
  • Changed that npc's under one of the 3 Potion 66 pacify effects will go hostile when attacked by the player.
  • Other small bug fixes.

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • Bug and Balance Fixes

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