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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: V1.03
  • Submitted: Apr 12 2017 12:06 AM
  • Last Updated: Jun 18 2017 02:07 PM
  • File Size: 31.98KB
  • Views: 57006
  • Downloads: 12,955
  • Requires: F4SE, Four Play

Download Four Play Sex Em Up V1.03

- - - - -
F4SE Sex Four Play Rape Masturbation


Four Play - Sex 'Em Up



A Four Play mod that allows for some basic semi-immersive ways to initiate sex in Fallout 4







Simple pleasures of the world can be free. You can pleasure yourself by pressing the SEU hotkey (Default is H)

Flirt and Sex


Flirt with others to solve carnal desires. Use the hotkey, and the person closest to you, within a meter, will be flirted with in an attempt to charm them for sex. The chance you have of convincing for sex is based off of your charisma and their charisma, but this can be changed.

Sexual Assault


Satiated those desires another way by means of force. Crouch and use the hotkey to attempt at assaulting the person closest to you, within a meter. The chance you have of forcing them is based off of your Strength and their, but this can be changed.


Main Menu


You can access the Sex 'em Up main menu by pressing and holding the hotkey for a second or two, then letting go. This menu allows for configuration of aspects of the mod, such as sex duration or changing the hotkey. (Probably QWERTY keyboards only, until we get the equivalent of a MCM. Es tut mir leid!)









Install F4SE and the scripts that come with it.

Go into your C:\Users\*yourusername*\Documents\My Games\Fallout4 and open up the Fallout4.ini file with Notepad, and go to where it shows something like this:





Change the numbers on the end of the last three lines from 0 to 1, then save.


If those lines don't exist, add them and make sure it looks like this:





Install Four Play and what it requires.



Install this mod.







Four Play by DocClox

Fallout 4 Script Extender 0.03.00 or higher , and to install the scripts!



And anything else Four Play needs.



Note: Because of the early state that sex mods are in for FO4, I may not be updating this frequently, but in its current state, the mod should be decent enough.

What's New in Version V1.03 (See full changelog)

  • V1.03
  • Allows you to flirt with creatures like super mutants to support Four-Lei PLUS.
  • Improved script response time to make sure everything is better aligned.
  • V1.01
  • Mod now doesn't ask for masturbation prompt when in crafting menus, or while sitting.
  • V1
  • (Hopefully) Stable release.


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