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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 2.1
  • Submitted: Apr 03 2017 09:28 PM
  • Last Updated: Jun 20 2017 07:34 AM
  • File Size: 20.95KB
  • Views: 69629
  • Downloads: 18,364
  • Requires: Four-Play

Download Four-Play Vanilla Fudge(+Supermutants, Ghouls, Synths) 2.1

- - - - -
four-play solutions speech charisma consensual flirt vanilla quest companion follower


Bang your way to get past speech checks or ask for sex as any quest's reward. Or offer your companion in your place. Or sleep with your companion.


Click on Follow this file above to keep up-to-date with this mod's developments


Inspired by SexLab Solutions by Bromm83 and WraithSlayer - but adapted to Fallout 4's dialogue wheel system (no vanilla records were changed - for maximum compatibility).


Pass a speech check using your sexuality
Every time a speech check option show up, you'll see the notification "Should I use my sexuality?". From here, if you select the persuade option within five seconds (by default), you'll flirt instead (same vanilla dialogue but with Flirting face expression). If you don't want to flirt/ just want to use your Charisma, wait 5 seconds (the message "Maybe not ... " will show up) and proceed with the dialogue normally.


If you flirted, as soon as the vanilla dialogue finishes, Vanilla Fudge will kick in seamlessly and the person you flirted with will ask for sex.


Ask for sex as quest reward (thank you, KitKatKseniya, for the suggestion)
The NPC who you talk to complete each quest in the game will offer his/her body as reward for your efforts.


Lovers' Embrace (requested by many LL members)
Once a day, if you sleep with a companion around, they will offer to have sex with you.


Future Features to be Added:

  • The generic dialogues that the quest giver/ speech challenger says to ask for sex are pretty much placeholders while I work on completing the main features of the mod. Eventually, they will all be replaced by specific unique dialogues based on the NPC and the quest just like Solutions to provide more context, plot and immersion.
  • Once you sleep with someone once, that person becomes your lover/ fuckbuddy and you can return for more
  • Not 100% success chance with flirting - based on sexual orientation and arousal perhaps, which I have to wait for later versions of Four-Play and SexTec Aroused
With any mod manager or manually extract into the Data folder. No need to do the quicksave and load thing.


Four-Play- read my installation guide for help


Vinfamy's Control Panel - gives you some customization options


All comments, feedbacks and suggestions welcome as always :)

What's New in Version 2.1 (See full changelog)

  • Added support for non-human races.
  • Fixed a bug with the Charisma boost staying forever


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots