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  • Submitted: Mar 17 2017 07:08 PM
  • Last Updated: Mar 17 2017 07:14 PM
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  • Requires: Skyrim.esm
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Download Kaluna Island

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Epic Skyrim Mods - Kaluna Island Trailer ????


How do I get to the tropical Island?
Go to the temple of Mara there you will see a new statue, activate the statue and you will be teleported to Kaluna Island.


Want to take a break from Skyrim. Want to explore a new tropical Island? well now you can. Kaluna Island is a small Island in the Abecean Sea. Take a vacation from Skyrim and relax in a new tropical Island


The Wicked must be punished! Go to Kaluna Island & slay the wicked cannibals, restore the balance in Kaluna Island in return you shall be rewarded a small tropical Island, with many gifts, treasures to find, mystery loot, a beach house, and much more


Small tropical Island
Contains a small house
Storage, treasure chests etc
Evil cannibals
Beautiful palms trees,
crafting statons etc.


Click here to find out where the Abecean Sea is located.


Q. Why did you make this mod?
A. The main reason I made this mod is because I wanted my own vacation home, a tropical Island where I can get away from it all, have some peace in the middle of no where, I also wanted to do a small imitation of the Kamen house, from Dragon Ball Z you know the small little Island where Chi chi lived the wife of Goku.


Q. When will the Forbidden Island coming out?
The DEMO is coming this Sunday, final release is coming this May or June 2017


Q. Will you update this mod?
A. Yes, I will most likely update it, add some sharks more plants, mystery loot etc.


StudioCD Projekt RED - creator of armors/textures
Witcher 2 Models: TH3WICK3D1, lord0fwar - conversion
Oaristys- (Modding resources)
Tamira and mr_siika - Modding resources,
MJY - The Author of the mysterious Island
Ga-Knomboe Boy - GKB Green Trees (Modding resources)
Hyperactivechild, Blakflag - Landscape Textures

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