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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 0.31
  • Submitted: Mar 17 2017 02:56 AM
  • Last Updated: May 20 2017 01:50 PM
  • File Size: 136.17KB
  • Views: 17238
  • Downloads: 714
  • Requires: SKSE, JContainers, SkyUI, Racemenu/NetImmerse, XPMSE, Pregnancy-enabled body
  • Special Edition Compatible : No

Download Stomach Capacity Mod 0.31

- - - - -
Inflation Food Framework SLIF NetImmerse CANS Gameplay

NOTICE: I took down the latest file. I realized that making it an ESM might break a lot of things. I'll reupload it in a few days.


As it says on the tin, this is a mod that adds a stomach system to all actors in Skyrim. It's designed so that new systems and features can be added to it through JContainers.
Also, once SKSE64 comes out, I'll update this for Special Edition


Hopefully, this can be considered the last alpha release. There isn't any major features that I want to add, and I want to get started on some add-ons.


Documentation Blog: http://www.loverslab...-documentation/





SkyUI for MCM


Inflation requires Racemenu or Netimmerse

Also requires a skeleton and body with a belly node

I use XPMSE for my skeleton

For females, try CBBE or UNP

For males, I think SOS has a HDT body

I personally use SAMwith HDT

Has out-the-box compatibility with SLIF, with CANS coming soon


Known Bugs:

  • Actual effects provided by food not that good (I'm not that good at balancing, and they need A LOT of polish)

What's New in Version 0.31 (See full changelog)

  • RE-UPLOAD (0.31): Added effects data to CACO, Hunterborn, and RND, reverted to esp, removed DLC esp, added skip for food items marked as food, but aren't actually food/consumables (IE poison)
  • CHANGES (0.3): Added ability to eat items by looking at them and pressing the hotkey
  • Implimented IndigestItems system
  • Added Post-Effects system
  • Added Vomit Function and option in MCM
  • Allowed searching for FoodDatabase Entries via Formlists and Keywords
  • Add "GodMode" (System does not check StomachBaseCapacity when inputing food)
  • Added food transfer to actors via point-and-eat ability
  • Added ability to check stomach contents and current effects via MCM
  • Fixed stomach size not updating on anything but SLIF setting
  • Fullness effects redone, added large capacity effects (actor will slow down when capacity is over set amount w/o perk)
  • Added race database for transfer function, need to find more uses for it
  • Allowed putting in more data for PostEffects
  • Rearranged MCM menu
  • Added new effects and food items into Food Database
  • Split DLC Keywords into their own esp
  • Made StomachCapacity into esm
  • Rearranged FindFoodEffects so that effect conditions (CheckSpells) are in FoodDatabase, not FoodEffectList
  • Allowed FindFoodEffects to compare perk levels when applying perks
  • Changed UpdateFoodEffects so that effects are not removed every update
  • Bugfixes and optimizing

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