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  • Submitted: Mar 16 2017 01:38 PM
  • Last Updated: Mar 16 2017 01:38 PM
  • File Size: Unknown
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  • Requires: Skyrim.esm
  • Special Edition Compatible : No

Download Beautiful Underground Ladies

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Beautiful Underground Ladies Trailer


Bribed To Keep Modding! Not Supporting Mxr Mods, Vatiwah, PewDiePie! No More Perverted Content


This mod is a standalone replacer for the main ladies involved in the Thieves Guild. This mod replaces Vex, Tonilia and Sapphire.


Thank you for the support!
I'll continue making mods, and I appreciate the support many of you have given me. I'm even grateful for the 1 dollars donations. Thank you. I'll focus on quality mods now, decent mods, mostly new land mods, quests mods, immersive mods etc. If you have donated & you want a shoutout on my Steam wall, Youtube video, or any special requests let me know & I will do it, the only request I won't make is make women look like objects, expose women, make sex mods or half naked women, anything that will cause teenagers or adults to jack off, fap off, masturbate you get the point.




I know I said in the video that I don't want the mods I create on the Nexus anymore but some people convinced me so it's fine, Taoxue can upload my mods on the Nexus.


Author's Note
I was bribed to keep modding, but I was still going to keep modding. Appreciate everyone who donated. I'm no longer a DJ! I don't care for the fame anymore. The mods I make are mods in which I will use for my own gaming pleasure. I'm no longer doing perverted mods though, that's not the kind of crowd I want to attract. I was raised in a traditional Christian home & I refuse to sell out, I will most likely lose subscribers & fans, but I just can't do it anymore. The vast majority of society is going downhill, but I refuse to go downhill with society. The last thing I want is to attract perverts, rapists and sick minded people. Why did I stop doing Sexy replacers? Because I felt sick to my stomach, when people commented, fap fap fap. Sex sells. I'm jacking off to your mods etc. The turning point was when a girl told me good fap material, I told her that's not the reason why I'm doing the Sexy replacers, she then told me then why was I doing it, so I felt sick to my stomach & I couldn't do it anymore. I'll make decent, beautiful replacers now and I'll focus on new land mods, quest mods etc. I'm also not supporting Vatiwah, MxR Mods and all the perverted mod reviewers out there. So don't confuse me with them, I refuse to sell out to the majority, I refuse to sell out to gain more subs or views. I rather do good meaningful mods, that don't attract perverted people, even if I lose subs or views. I'm not selling out anymore.


CBBE by Caliente
SG Textures by Hello Santa
KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
Eyes of Aber


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

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