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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 1.6.4
  • Submitted: Feb 02 2017 08:29 PM
  • Last Updated: Jul 31 2017 02:34 PM
  • File Size: 9.29MB
  • Views: 636564
  • Downloads: 226,359

Download [Sims 4] Better Body [31/07/2017] 1.6.4

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Sims 4


Posted Image







Posted Image


BB's female body will give a more natural look to your girls. The top is a simple modification of Luumia's TIT-E. The body is completely compatible with all textures. It doesn't include its own body texture, so you will need a skin with nipples or nipple tattoos.


With this mod you will be able to see the naked body in CAS when deleting clothes on a sim. You don't need any other nude mod.


My next projects on this body: More defined boobs and butt with more polygons, adding even more details to the vagina and body, creating more boobs shapes and adding my own body texture.
Posted Image
Posted Image A custom body texture with nipples, or a mod adding tattoo nipples such as:

Posted Image Remove any default body replacement that you would have installed and extract the female files in your mod folder.



BB's penis is completely integrated to the body with almost no visible seam. The butt has more polygons than the original one and has a very nice hole. The model also comes with its own textures. You can use either the default texture or the overlay texture (found in face details)..


The male body was designed to work with WickedWhims: the soft and hard penis can be selected with the ingame WW menu, so you can use other penis models too. The penis size and shape are very close to LunarEclipse's penis, which is much more realistic than the default WW model. Unfortunately some animations are still based on the much bigger default WW penis, so animations might not look perfect.
The models are performance-friendly: 1943 polygons for the erect bottom, 1902 for the soft bottom. In comparison, LunarEclipse's erect version has 5604 polygons. However LODs are not made yet.


This body is still a work in progress. I intend to add more options such as body hair, tanlines, 3D pubic hair, accessory condom, more penis shapes, more texture overlays, defined muscles and nipples, a version for female bodies and another one for male bodies using female frames.


Posted Image


And nipples, belly button, Apollo's belt.
Posted Image
Posted Image The latest version of WickedWhims.


Posted Image Extract the Male files in your mod folder. You must also remove any default skintone replacement such as LunarEclipse-NudeSkinsets[HDPenis]BaseGame_DefaultOverrides. The skintone that I provide is still compatible with LE's penis. The body itself is compatible with LE's penis. If you want to use LE's penis as default, remove [BB][Male]SkinDefaultOverlays and use the body overlays for any sim using my male bottom. If you don't want to see your sim naked in CAS or if you use another default replacement, remove [BB][Male]BottomSoftCAS.


Posted Image You can't use most custom textures either as they are not compatible with this model (unless they were made specifically for it) This is also true for all texture overlays that modify the pelvis and butt area such as body hair and pubic hair. There is still some texture problems with tops and shoes: the "shadow" under some clothes won't display on the penis. This will be fixed at some point.




03/19/2017 : Fixed compatibility problem with WickedWhims. Reworked meshes and textures to avoid texture problems with shoes and tops on male bodies. Added "clothes" versions of erect and soft penises. You must update to WW












Luumialover and LunarEclipse for inspiring this mod. Sims4 Studio and Cmar's S4 CAS Tools. Photoshop and Blender. TURBODRIVER's WickedWhims of course! Zheur and Wild_guy for testing my files. Spicy Sausage for helping fix the mod.

What's New in Version 1.6.4 (See full changelog)

  • Added male nipples and vagina texture fix.

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