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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: v2
  • Submitted: Dec 19 2016 02:05 PM
  • Last Updated: Jul 18 2017 03:16 PM
  • File Size: 9.41MB
  • Views: 809094
  • Downloads: 410,240
  • Requires: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/70768-bondage-devices/?p=1766537

Download Azmodan22 WhickedWhims Sex Animations (UPDATED 18/07/2017) v2

- - - - -
Sims 4


Azmodan22 WickedWhimsAnimations

(previous Bondage Devices Animations)



This mods adds animations for
Wicked Whims and the Bondage Devices. You must have the Bondage Devices mod installed and Wicked Whims mod to play them.
All Animations have sounds and the majority of them are much more complicated that simple 3 pose animations. I try to make them as fluid and as detailed as possible so in my animations you will not see any unatural body transformations (moving bones and being streched instead of being rotated), or broken joints (like wrists or shoulders seem like they are cut)


The Animations are also available for two versions. Normal and Rought. The difference between the two is the souns of the rough animations have been changed in the Normal Version to make them sound more concensual. Download and use only one of the two versions.


If you like my work please consider supporting me on Patreon.
By supporting me you will also get access to early releases of this mod as well as other mods I will be making.


Animation List
Animations with green are available for early access in Patreon


Dancing Poles and Caged Dancing Poles

  • Dancing Pole Standing Doggy (2speeds)
  • Dancing Pole Holding Legs Up Doggy
  • Dancing Pole Hanging Split Missionary
  • FMF Dancing Pole Hanging Split Missionary-Cunnilingus
  • PoleClimbing Vertical Doggy Anal
  • Pole Dancing (http://www.naughtyma...4-pole-dancing)
  • UpsideDown Cunnilingus (69)
  • PoleDancing Scorpion Anal
  • MF PoleDancing Reverce Cowgirl
  • MFM PoleDancing Reverse Cowgirl - Handjob
  • Female Solo (Mastrubation)
  • MF Standing Cunnilingus
  • MF Pillory Standing Doggy
  • MF Vertical Pillory Standing Vaginal (Missionary)
  • FMF FMF FemDom Kneeling Blowjob For Vertical Stockade (2 speeds)
  • MFM Vertical Stocks Side Blowjob + Finering
  • MFM Vertical Stocks Vaginal and Oral (Blowjob-fingering stage 2)
  • MF Vertical Stocks vaginal
  • MF Pillory Spanking stage 01
  • MF Pillory Spanking stage 02
  • F Pillory Female Solo
  • MF Pillory Cunnilingus
  • MF Pillory Cunnilingus Stage 02
  • FMF Femdom Vaginal Standing Doggy for Vertical Stockade (2speeds - 2P)
  • FMF Femdom Vaginal Standing Doggy for Vertical Stockade (2speeds - 3P)
  • BondageCross Femdom Forced Vaginal
  • BondageCross Femdom BlowJob
  • BondageCross Standing Cunnilingus
  • BondageCross Standing Missionary
  • BondageCross Standing Missionary Stage 2
  • BondageCross Standing Doggy (Anal)
  • BondageCross MF FootJob
  • Bed DoubleSided Dildo Female Solo
  • Bed DoubleSided Dildo FF Side Doggy HandJob Vaginal
GloryHole Closets
  • GloryHole Closets Handjob (intro to Blowjob)
  • GloryHole Closets Blowjob
  • GloryHole Closets Vaginal (2 speeds)



  • MF Rough Doggy Stage 01
  • MF Rough Doggy Stage 02
  • MF Rough Doggy Stage 03
  • MF Rough Missionary Stage 01
  • MF Rough Missionary Stage 02
  • Standing Rough Missionary
  • Standing Rough Missionary Stage 2
  • Standing Rough Missionary Stage 3
  • Standing Rough Missionary Climax



  • Toilet Rough Doggy Standing


Kitchen Counter

  • Standing Rough Doggy
  • Standing Rough Doggy Stage 02
  • Standing Rough Doggy Climax



  • MMFF Double Doggy-Oral Multistage
  • MF FootJob (DoubleBed - Floor)
  • MF FootJob Climax (DoubleBed - Floor)
  • MF Simple FootJob (DoubleBed - Floor)
  • MF Simple FootJob Climax (DoubleBed - Floor)
  • MF KneeJob (DoubleBed - SingleBed)
  • MF KneeJob Climax (DoubleBed - SingleBed)
  • Side Reverse Cowgirl Femdom
  • Side Reverse Cowgirl Femdom Stage 2
  • Side Reverse Cowgirl Femdom Climax
  • FFM Double HandJob


Coffee Table

  • Standing Rough Doggy
  • Standing Rough Missionary
  • Standing Rough Missionary Stage 2
  • Standing Rough Missionary Climax
  • Kneeling Doggy Anal
  • MMF DP Doggy
  • MMMF DP Doggy - OralJob
  • MMMF DP Doggy - OralJob Climax
  • MMMF Standing Rough Missionary-HandJob
  • MMMF Standing Rough Missionary-HandJob Stage 2
  • MMMF Standing Rough Missionary-HandJob Climax



  • Reverse Cowgirl Femdom
  • Reverse Cowgirl Femdom Stage 2
  • Reverse Cowgirl Femdom Climax



  • MMF Standing Doggy - Blowjob
  • FM Standing Reverse Cowgirl
  • FM Standing Reverse Cowgirl Stage 2
  • FM Standing Reverse Cowgirl Climax
  • Sofa Side Rough Doggy
  • MMF DP Reversed Cowgirl
  • MMF DP Reversed Cowgirl Climax
  • MMMF DP Reversed Cowgirl-HandJob
  • MMMF DP Reversed Cowgirl-HandJob Climax
  • BathtubSide Rough Doggy
  • BathtubSide Rough Doggy with Oraljob
  • BathtubSide Rough Doggy with Oraljob V2
  • MMMF BathtubSide Rough Doggy-Oraljob-HandJob



  • Standing Rough Missionary
  • Standing Rough Missionary Stage 2
  • Standing Rough Missionary Stage 3
  • Standing Rough Missionary Climax



  • StandingBehind Rough Doggy Stage 01
  • StandingBehind Rough Doggy Stage 02
  • StandingBehind Rough Doggy Stage 03
  • StandingBehind Rough Doggy Climax





1. BondageDevices
Wicked Whims




Preview Gifs


Simply extract the 7zip file in your mods folder. You might want to put them in the same folder with the devices to keep things tidy. Do not use bot versions (Rough and Normal) at the same time. Only use one of them.


IF you still have the old file Azmodan22_BondageDevices_Animations.package please delete it as it is obsolete and will block the new animations from showing up.


External Sources



Feel Free to report any bugs or recomendations you may have

What's New in Version v2 (See full changelog)

  • V something
  • Lost count
  • V2 Added 17 Animations
  • v1.01
  • -Updated to new WWID system
  • v1.00
  • Initial Release
  • 1 Pillory Animation
  • 2 Vertical Pillory Animation


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