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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 2.7
  • Submitted: Oct 09 2016 09:21 AM
  • Last Updated: Mar 12 2017 10:19 AM
  • File Size: 1.28MB
  • Views: 390786
  • Downloads: 102,815

Download Crazy6987 - Sex Animation 2.7

- - - - -


Behold, some of the first "working" sex animations made publicly available. After spending some time trying to get Fallout 4 - Animated Prostitution to work properly, and failing at it (It is in the Alpha stage afterall). I decided I couldn't wait for SexTec or a working version of F4AP. So I took matters into my own hands and created these animations. Enjoy!


My animations no longer replace vanilla animations. Each animation has its own rug now.


3/11/17 - Updated Rug Version to v.2.7
3/11/17 - Updated Gun Version


Check out my Multi-Tool mod. It replaces the Nude Ray Gun file I uploaded here, as it allows you to do more than just strip someone of their clothes. Sure to compliment this mod and plenty of other peoples mods.


Multi-Tool: http://www.loverslab...the-multi-tool/


Gun Version
The Gun version is mostly complete, there are still things I want to implement/add. Like for the bed animations actually getting the Actors to move to the nearest bed, so far my efforts to accomplish this have been unsuccessful. But will keep trying.


Credit to davethedrunk - Used his mod as a reference for creating the Gun Version



Mods you Should Use:
F4SE (Fallout 4 Script Extender)
CBBE - By Caliente
Enhanced Vanilla Bodies - By Leito86 (Only the male is needed, I used Male Nude Cut Erect)


---- I don't know what other male bodies would look like during my animations. ----



Install with a mod manager like NMM or whatever else is out there.


Manual Install for the rug version


00 Main Files


Choose only one:
01 Default Plugin
02 Default Armor Plugin
03 Default No Undressing Plugin
04 Relax Plugin
05 Relax Armor Plugin
06 Relax No Undressing Plugin


Again, Choose only one:
07 Visible Rugs
08 Invisible Rugs


Lastly, Choose only one:
09 Dildo Black
10 Dildo Pink
11 Dildo Tan
12 Dildo Blue
13 Dildo Purple
14 Dildo Green



How it Works:


The rugs should be located under Resources -> Misc section when settlement building.


--- Paired Animations ---


1. Place the male rug down on the ground
2. Place the female rug down on the ground
3. Position the rugs so they are right next to each other, side-by-side, like practically touching each other.
4. Assign NPCs to the rugs or use one of the rugs yourself
5. Magic


--- Solo Animations ---


1. Place one of the solo animation rugs down on the ground.
2. Assign a NPC to the rug or use the rug yourself
3. Magic



Other Mods that you see in the screenshots (Not Required):
Mass Pike Loft Player Home - By JPitner
LMSE (Lots More Settlers and Enemies) - By Recluse
Improved Skin Texture For CBBE - By kellogsfrostedflakes
Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures - By Fuse00 (Only Face Textures)
Place Everywhere - By TheLich

Homemaker - By NovaCoru



Resources used to make the animations:


Credit to Leito 86 for allowing me to use the penis from his Enhanced Vanilla Bodies mod as a dildo in my mod.



For those that are interested in attempting to create animations themselves.


Fallout 4 Animation Kit (F4AK) by ShadeAnimator - The description provided on loverslab and nexusmods should tell you what other tools you need.





Fallout 4 Animation Setup Tutorial - By The Shiny Haxorous


Exporting Anims Fallout 4 - By The Shiny Haxorous

What's New in Version 2.7 (See full changelog)

  • Added some new furniture (Wood Rack/Table, Restraining Gurney, Restraining Wheelchair)
  • Added a Dildo Machine
  • New positioning system in the gun version (before actors were forced to face a specific direction, not the case anymore)


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots