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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 2.4
  • Submitted: Aug 02 2016 01:38 AM
  • Last Updated: Aug 10 2016 09:58 AM
  • File Size: 1004.96MB
  • Views: 57770
  • Downloads: 14,621
  • Requires: BodySlide and Outfit Studio and LDW's Crimson Closet

Download LDW's Crimson Closet BS2 UUNP 2.4

- - - - -


UUNP BS2 Sliders for LDW's Crimson Closet for UNP Slim, UNP, UNP?, and UNPB 14 created by lostdaywalker


Still learning how to create BS2 sliders and my current project for learning how-to is this.


I will upload sliders for more outfits as I complete them.
When all sliders are done I plan to add a leveled list for K.E.I.D.L with a merged esp for all outfits so they may be used by NPCs.


Added a Merged Replacer esp for these outfits:
LDW's Crimson Closet MERGED (merged esp containing all replacer esps)
-Use this esp instead of all the other ones to save esp spaces.
-Requires all outfits that got UUNP sliders here.


For added replacer esps: (optional to use or alternatively the Merged esp instead)
I've added Male Vanilla Models and some BOD2 inputs so they can be weared by males without being invisible.
-I've used Vanilla Jester, Dragonbone/scale, Vampire, Leather and Executioner outfits looks so far for Males.
-Some outfit parts that don't fit normal slots,
the males just "equip" a ring or amulet to avoid invisibility,
but the male will be nude if not wearing anything else.


BodySlide and Outfit Studio
LDW's Crimson Closet (any UNP version should work I guess)


Added UUNP Sliders: (more to come)
-Arcane Heat
-Arcane Knickers
-Arcane Rogue
-Arcane Sister
-Arcane Violet (did not make sliders for gauntlet cause of fancy effects that needs some work to figure out)
-BGC (some leggings may have clippings when running, some hand bandages are far from perfect)
-Chainmail Top
-Dread Pirate Roberts UNP-Slim UUNP
-Drow Ranger UNP-Slim UUNP (removed hair on cowl, optional meshes folder, clippings on boots because of bone issue)
-PowerGirl UNPB UUNP
-Rogue II UNP UUNP (removed white long gloves because of some issues for them to show)
-RVs Racing Swimsuit UNPB UUNP (added all colors to replacer esp)
-SkinTight Dragon UNPB UUNP (male model is DragonScale/Plate armor)
-Studded Rogue UNP-Slim UUNP (Vanilla Leather Armor as Male model, behind need some more work)
-Studded Leather 5 V.1.1 UNPB UUNP (annoying clippings behind knees when running, tried adding zap sliders, but did not help..)
-Vamp UNPB UUNP (added some simple temp textures since some were missing/not working on "body straps/cloth")


I know some of the "tight fitting pants have some annoying clipping back of the knee when running and I may have to redo or fix some of those.
-If I find a solution and are able to fix it I will redo the ones that got issues.
-I will go over most of them one more time, later and hopefully fix some clippings.



lostdaywalker for LDW's Crimson Closet
Caliente for BodySlide and Outfit Studio
matortheeternal for Merge Plugins





What's New in Version 2.4 (See full changelog)

  • 2.3
  • LDW's Crimson Closet MERGED
  • 2.4
  • Reuploaded
  • Chainmail Top and Black Jacket because of error in download.


Screenshots Screenshots