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  • Latest Version: 1
  • Submitted: Jul 01 2015 07:21 AM
  • Last Updated: Jul 01 2015 07:21 AM
  • File Size: 7.3MB
  • Views: 49916
  • Downloads: 4,345

Download Elder Qilin Horn HDT 1

- - - - -
CBBE Mash Up Armor Skimpy HDT Bodyslide 2


Posted Image


ABOUT THE MOD(S)------------>
This download is a CBBE HDT conversion and standalone modification of the female only Qilin Horn armor from the mods "Blade & Soul Armor Collection" and "Chapi JC Collection", combining the Qilin Horn from both mods into one proper set of non-craftable armor. Henceforth this combined armor is now know as the Ancient or "Elder Qilin Horn" armor.


The bodyslide files also features a zap option to play with, so be bold and try it out! :D


WHERE TO FIND------------>
The outfit can be aquired from a large "Embedded Chest", in the room with the trap doors at the Avanchnzel Animoncultory, which is
located south-southwest of Lake Honrich and northwest of the Orc stronghold of Largashbur in The Rift. (See images for more.)


You can also type, minus the brackets (help "Elder Qilin") in the console commands.


HDT Physics Extensions
Bodyslide 2
XP32 Maximum Skeleton


<<<Reminder: YOU NEED TO BUILD THE MESHES IN BODYSLIDE FIRST, before you can use the mod.>>>


Just to make this clear: these are not my meshes or textures! I've taken pieces from other mods (mostly permission free) and modified them into one cohesive armor mod. As such for the sake of honest transparency, I ask that ALL credit be rendered to the following...


-asianboy345 for providing the orginal "Blade & Soul Armor Collection" mod and for the free permissions.
-ChaPi for his modifications and contributions of the QH cuirass mesh.


Feel free to convert to other body types. I ENCOURAGE IT!!! :D
However DO NOT redistribute this mod, assets used here might not be OK for places like the nexus.


If you like what I've done here, why not post a screenie of your char in the outfits I've provided? It'll mean more to me than some silly like button. ;)




<<<Download Mirror Here>>>


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots