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These Fallout New Vegas mods are all related to the Sexout sex framework and thus are of an adult only nature.

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  1. Sexout Common Resources (SCR) Stable Version

    Welcome to Sexout Common Resources
    The aim of this produce an ESM that holds all the common assets used by SexoutNG Plugins like NPC's, Drugs, Creatures & Clothing, Weapons etc so that other plugons can refer to them without needing to have each other as masters. It doesn't include meshes or textures themselves, merely point to them. it will have minimal scripting, only scripts required by the objects and plugins it contains. The DataPack provided is only some of my additions and minimum requirements of SCR itself.
    SCR adds some Perks, but they don't necessarilily add any effects, they are mainly flags for other Plugins to know the players preferences in dialogue.
    To explain in detail how it works, there are 2-3 parts to most outfits, the first is the Item ID which contains all the Armor ratings, weight, value, etc of an outfit and also where to get the mesh model and textures from, that is what I have copied from the original mods into SCR. The other parts are the model mesh and optionally textures for which the original download is needed, because I don't have permission to add other peoples work to the SCR download and it would be too big. Doing it this way gives users the option to not install Ghost suits etc. The Item ID itself uses next to no space in SCR compared to meshes & textures, but having outfits in there means that outfit can be incuded in formlist groups of SCR, this means a plugin can just check if the player is wearing something in the "Heavy Armor" group formlist and then change their dialogue or sex options based on that. Optionally people can also add their custom outfits to those lists too.
    it contains a percentage of Lore unfriendly assets but they should be only added to the game world by plugin modules calling them, mostly SexoutStore.
    Before you install Sexout use the Steam Backup function and backup your game as there's a good chance new users will completely screw their game on the first attempt of installing Sexout because they didn't read something properly and install things they shouldn't. If you aren't using Steam then you'll find Sexout won't work for you anyway so give up here or buy the game.
    SCR adds some Sex related Perks but their effects are up to the Plugins referencing them
    Dominant, Submissive.
    Brood Mother & Bitch in heat are added but only activated by Pregnancy.
    There's a few changes here:
    SporeData is only required for the SporeRace in Breeder.
    HalstromsData contains a few textures & meshes I've modified for some content, like the Camo, Vault69 & Nun and other Textures for the Mantis suits, most people won't need it, they were in the original Data pack, I just split them to save download & installation space.
    GynoChair.rar contains the mesh & animations for the GynoChair used in Pregnancy at the New Vegas Medical Clinic.
    SCRDebug.esp just makes all the SCR tokens visible, only install it if you want that for debugging, it doesn't do anything else.
    SCR Integrated Plugins:
    Drugs: SexoutDrugging is now a separate plugin for SCR. The MCM menu is still in SCR to avoid adding another MCM Menu for one slider.
    Please use the Support Topic Button on the right for more information, support & beta versions. You will also need to download the clothing packs listed in the 2nd Post if you want to use those outfits in Plugins or SexoutStore.
    RitualClarity has written a great installation guide in the link below for installing SCR.
    I have no problems with anyone translating this to FO3 or other Languages, just give me credit and link back to LoversLab
    Russian Translation:
    FalloutNV (Non-Pirated Steam Version)
    NVSE Latest beta
    NX_Extender Latest version
    SexoutNG Stable Release

    You Need SexoutNG:
    And Astymma's Compatibility Skeleton from here:
    You will need MCM to change any settings
    Assets used in SCR you really should install before reporting red diamonds, and invisible bodies and other stuff not showing:


    For most of these clothing mods as noted you can remove or deactivate the original esp if you are using Pregnancy or Sexout Store, you only need to install the meshes, textures & sounds etc. Those that are FO3 downloads definitely need the esp removed or they will crash the game.
    Also remember when you update this it may change itself in your load order, use the following Load order or it will crash your game:
    The file version is in YYYYMMDD.x format, eg 20120122.2 = 2012-01-22 Version2.
    When reporting issues please state what version of SCR you are using. If you can please post in font size 14, it's a lot easier for me to read too
    The Torrent isn't necessary, it's just an alternative download for the data pack, not the esm.
    Link to Download OP:



  2. SexoutNG - Stable Release '95

    CORE: 2.10.95 -- 17-October-2015
    DATA: 2.10.95 -- 17-October-2015
    BODIES: 1.1.1 -- 25-July-2015
    MIRROR - SexoutNG.torrent - All files also available via bit torrent. May be faster, and saves loverslab bandwidth. You need a bit torrent client, such as qBitTorrent.
    Sexout code is hosted here on the GitLab. Please use the Issues link to report confirmed bugs in Sexout, or to ask for features!
    The sexout BETA can be found here, if there is one. Note that to use the beta, you must still have SexoutNG Core and SexoutNG Data installed.
    Fallout New Vegas. Should be obvious, but a few people have tried to use it with Fallout 3. NVSE 5.0b2 or later; This is now the stable version. NX 16 or later (NVSE Extender) SexoutNG - CORE and DATA. SexoutNG - Bodies OR Nude male and/or female bodies manually installed, see spoiler below.

    Since '94, a compatible skeleton (AJ's BodyMorph) is included with 'Core'. Astymma's compatability or Deede's The Skeleton will also work if you prefer.

    Known issues


    FAQ / Troubleshooting - Read this before posting support questions
    First, please read the requirements section above carefully.
    The game doesn't even start, it freezes before main menu!
    ==> Usually corrupted plugin. Disable all plugins except Sexout. If it works, sexout is innocent. If not, validate your install via STEAM, and try downloading sexout again.
    The game starts, but sex doesn't work!
    ==> Did you install NVSE? Press '~' to open the console in game, and type GetNVSEVersion. If it does not return a number you did not install it correctly. Check the instructions for it and try again.
    ====> GetNVSEVersion works! ....but I also get this annoying message box appearing every time I start game!
    ======> Maybe try reading it . You have not installed the requirements correctly. Sexout requires NVSE 4.5 or later, and NX 16 or later. It will not work without them. See above for links.
    ~~~> But I installed NVSE and NX!
    =====> No. You didn't. There are no exceptions. If you think you did, you installed them wrong, check their own respective instructions and try again.
    ==> ...Okay, NVSE and NX installed. Uhhh, how do I actually start sex?
    ====> Sexout is just a framework for other mods to use. It does nothing on its own. Try installing some sexout mods.
    ==> ...I have sexout mods, but the actors just stand still inside each other! (maybe with sounds)
    ====> Usually a conflicting mod that adds idle animations in an inconsiderate way. Disable all mods except sexout. If it works, enable them one by one to figure out which is guilty. More info:

    ==> I definitely definitely definitely disabled all mods except FalloutNV.esm and Sexout.esm, and actors still stand inside each other but no animations!
    ====> Did you install 'SexoutNG - DATA'? Because, that's where the animations are.
    ======> Yes, with NMM!
    ========> Use FOMM. NMM has known issues with Fallout New Vegas mods in general.
    Animations work, except...
    ==> Infinity tits!
    ====> You do not have a compatible skeleton installed correctly. See requirements section
    ==> Infinity dicks!
    ====> You do not have a compatible skeleton installed correctly, or you do not have a compatible male body suit installed. See requirements / Bodies section above.
    ==> Invisible male bodies / big red boxes‽‽
    ====> You do not have meshes for one or both of the sexout body suits installed. Either install "SexoutNG - Bodies" or manually add them- see the spoiler in the requirements section above for more information.
    More Useful Posts:
    How to GET HELP!! Help us help you. RitualClarity's tutorial on animation trouble BruceWaynes installation guide Another Sexout FAQ


    - Want to make your own sexout mod? (or modify an existing one). First stop is the API guide. See also: Tips and Tricks.
    - See the Gitlab project for more info on sexout status, or if you want to contribute.
    - API documentation is a WIP, if you can't find/understand something, please post here on loverslab.
    Release History



  3. Sexout Spunk for FCO Races

    This mod simply adds the races from Fallout Character Overhaul (FCO) to the SexoutSpunk.ini file for Sexout Spunk.  Confirmed working with Fallout New Vegas and Fallout Tale of Two Wastelands.  Made it for my own game a little while back and thought some other people might find it useful.
    Fallout Character Overhaul (FCO), Sexout Spunk and its requirements, SexoutNG (beta) or later, NVSE 5.0.1 or later (5.0.1. actual DL is here)
    NX 16 or later and UIO 1.31 or later.  Plus any of their requirements.
    Install requirements and with a mod manager of your choosing or extract files into your data folder.  However, I highly recommend you use a mod manager.  Once in game you will need to turn on “add races through ini” in Spunk’s Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).  Failure to do this will result in a crash to desktop on spunk event.



  4. Sisters of Perpetual Chastity Pre-ALPHA Teaser

    This is a Xmas concept test Alpha, some scripters might want to copy my coding for the control of the small group and how I added new members to the pack by their belts controlling them, feel free to ask questions or tell me the easy way I missed

    Go to the Yantzee Memorial Cross giant thing and say hello to Matron Mercy, the Sisters and their Slaves, preferably with a couple of companions, you'll get a warm reception. Should work for males but only tested on females.

    I just got this working, it's pretty rough & Alpha, no dialogue, and goes no where when you are defeated unless you lead the battle into a town,

    Got to slow the messages down a bit, it's probably got some bugs I imagine, but no crashy stuff I know of, got to get better shaders for the effects & force shields too

    Spoilers within

    SCR Debug Number 95

    Requires SCR beta

    And Sexy Bikini, Torn Vaultsuit & MantisSuit Meshes & SexoutLust



  5. SexoutSex

    Sexy Time is here!

    This is a re-upload of the old SexoutSex, of which I am not the original author. I have, along the way, helped shape it and added extra features. This upload is one such instance. To see what I've added in this version, please see the Update Log. Primarily though, I've re-uploaded this because it is a really versatile plugin that was missing from the LoversLab download system, and was instead forgotten about seven pages back in the threads gathering dust.
    What This Plugin Does:
    It allows you to have sex with most NPC's via dialogue. There are no chances of failure - this is done on purpose as it provides a good way to test new animations. If you have Slavery mods installed (Cortex Scrambler, Reactive People - Ultimatum, Slaver's Life, etc) it will identify slaves and allow you to initiate appropriate sexual dialogue with them. This also runs true for prostitutes - soliciting only. Misc - allows you to have threesomes, use strapons, hetero and homosexual sex, in addition to adding a versatile "Follow me" package to the chosen NPC that can be used in conjunction with other mods to take an NPC to a place where you want to have sex, ie a bed.

    What This Plugin Requires To Work:
    - SmallerTalk (To initiate the dialogue)
    - SexoutNG (For the Sex)
    - SexoutCommonResources (For sex toys)
    - That you read instructions and follow them. If you don't install the above properly with all their respective requirements, don't expect this to work properly, either.
    Known Bugs:
    - Some NPC's in particular have a peculiar effect on certain dialogue trees (Cass is notorious for this) or their AI packages simply hijack certain topics. Ways to get around this include opening and closing the "Let's trade equipment" screen, and on returning, the new dialogue options should appear. This is not always the case, however. Some NPC's simply won't add the sex dialogue. Others aren't included intentionally - ie, if they are from another Sexout mod and the modder added them to an exclusion list.
    - Threesome's for some reason only work if you toggle the Sexout MCM menu for sexual preferences to both PC and NPC sexual orientation from the default "straight" to "bisexual."
    - A.J's kiss is currently misaligned. Working to fix it.
    The Wish List:String animations, ie - start off with a blowjob, progress to vaginal, end with anal, all in one go. Support for all the available strapons/dildos in Spectrum's Toy Pack. A bunch of other things.

    Bromm83 as the author of the mod. jaam for helping with coding and many other issues. Dazmaz and Spectrum Warrior, whose images I mashed up together (badly) to make the new SexoutSex logo. Amra72 for his amazing modder's resources animations. A.J for her beautiful kissing animation, and for fixing the jaggedness of the cover image for me. Odessa for fixing the 1.6 version by making Amra's modders resources work again. A string of enthusiastic testers and members who helped hone this over the years. The LL community for allowing mods like this to exist and thrive.

    What's New In This Version: (1.5a - 29/06/2014)
    - Removed superfluous positioning script causing issues.



  6. SexoutWillow

    File Name: SexoutWillow
    File Submitter: BruceWayne
    File Submitted: 02 Feb 2013
    File Category: Quests
    Requires: SexoutNG, Sexout Common Resources, Willow - A Better Companion Experience

    SexoutWillow by BruceWayne
    This mod replaces the Fade-to-black sex scene from the Willow Companion Mod with a random Sexout scene. To get the Sex scene you have to complete Willow's romance quest.

    July 2015

    You need at least Sexout 0.93 or above. As such you need all the new requirements for this, as NVSE 5 and NX 16.

    Fixed the broken kissing animation.

    Additional info:

    Due to the way the original scripts work, I had to work around the fact that the stages are timed and coupled the timer to the sexout timer. This was true for all old versions as well. The problem is, that if you pause the animation timer with SexoutPositioning, this doesn't translate to the script timer of NVWillow (it still uses the time set in your SexoutNG settings, plus a couple seconds extra). If you have to adjust your anims, do so with an unpaused timer. To rectify this, set your timer up to give you ample time to adjust and save the offset, so you won't have to do it everytime and can go back to a shorter duration. Read the SexoutPositioning instructions on the Sexout main pages to find out how.
    Old Updates:

    SexoutNG by prideslayer
    Willow - A Better Companion Experience v1.09 by llamaRCA
    Sexout Common Resources by Halstrom
    NVSE 5+ or higher
    NVSE Extender 16 (a.k.a NX) or higher
    Drop the files in your data folder. Answer "yes" if you are asked to overwrite files.
    Make sure SexoutWillow.esp is loaded after NVWillow.esp!
    Additional Info
    I enabled player controls during Willow's "warm up" dance, so you can get a better view. Don't run away! (I guess she will eventually find you, but you never know..)
    Make sure she is following you, when you ask her. If she is in wander mode she might run away during her dance... (I think this also happens, if you don't use this mod)
    I'd love to hear feedback, suggestions and/or constructive criticism. So rate, comment, troll, whatever..
    If you want to run SexoutWillow with version 0.97 of the Willow mod, click here.

    Click here to download this file



  7. SexoutSlavers2 dialogue fix

    WARNING: Provided screenshot might be considered a spoiler. Only use as an example if you've played SS2 before!

    SexoutSlavers2 is a great mod, but the dialogue was killing the immersion for me. This is my attempt to fix that.

    Some things you need to know:

    - I've never modded anything before. This should be a basic fix, but back up your .esps/.esms and save files just in case.
    - This fix only changes dialogue, notes, terminals etc, hence the small file size. It does not add or alter any mod features, nor could I.
    - This is not a replacer for SexoutSlavers2.esm - you must include that file. Drop this .esp somewhere in the load order beneath it.

    Some things you might want to know:

    - I took a lot of liberties with this. Sometimes it wasn't clear what the mod author meant in his writing, and I just rewrote the text completely. Sometimes I added flavour text or quips. I also added some definition to the slave/master dialogue and the 'mind break' training scenarios, and some cusses when you get rejected. Everything was intended to fit the situation as I saw it, but the changes might not be to your personal taste. In theory, you could just disable the esp and it should return to the old writing. In theory.
    - I didn't clarify the Jeannie May quest, but hopefully you know where to look by now (she didn't spend all her time at the motel!).
    - I might not have caught everything in amongst GECK's thousands of expandable categories, so let me know if anything major hasn't been rewritten. There might also be some Britishisms - I tried to go back and Americanize everything (as per the setting) but again, I might have missed a word or two.



  8. Sexout Affairs

    Current version: 0.055a, Release date: Nov. 13, 2012


    This mod aims to give you the opportunity to date different women (currently only one) all across the wasteland.
    You can find Inga either in the Vikki & Vance Casino or the Mojave Express in Primm.

    A detailed description with hints and explanations to some of the gameplay mechanics and things to come are in the second post.
    If you don´t know what to do, check the SexoutAffairs Discussion thread for additional info. If it isn´t answered somewhere, feel free to ask.

    Current status Version: 0.055
    one working character,

    ~400 lines of dialogue,

    repeatable date quests,

    repeatable sex quests.

    New Features in 0.055:
    Different greetings and responses, depending how much she likes/dislikes you

    ~150 new lines of dialogue (total is roughly 350 lines now for Inga alone; Jacob has ~70 lines extra)

    Dates at her new home

    Dates at the bar

    Gambling is now an option for dates as well, given that the Vikki & Vance Casino has reopened

    Sex now in her own bed

    New sex scenes! Some are only available under certain conditions.

    She comments on your performance after sex. So you better be prepared! If you suck, she likes you less...

    Sex available in different locations

    The bar in the Vikki & Vance Casino now has a bartender that can help you on your quest to get some lovin'.

    All NPCs added by this mod have daily routines

    If you possess certain items related to Primm's history, new dialogue options will appear


    SexoutNG by Prideslayer @LoversLab
    Sexout Common Resources by Halstrom @LoversLab (courier merc armor meshes and textures by Neverclock (@newvegasnexus))


    Drop SexoutAffairs.esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa in your data folder.


    If you are upgrading from an earlier version, I recommend doing a clean save.
    Versions that have letters attached to them don't need a clean save, unless stated otherwise. (0.051 to 0.055, clean save necessary; 0.055 to 0.055a, 0.055b,... no clean save necessary)
    There are so many changes from v0.0.5.1a (or 0.051a) to v0.055, that I can't guarantee for anything, if you don't do this.

    The following steps are necessary, in order to do a clean save:
    create a new savegame. (no auto- or quicksave)

    Exit game

    Remove SexoutAffairs.esp, any customization esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa from your data folder. (DON'T just UNCHECK them in your mod manager, REMOVE them!)

    Start and load your savegame from before

    Wait for 20-30 seconds and create a new savegame (no auto- or quicksave)

    Exit game

    Drop new SexoutAffairs.esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa in your data folder

    Start game and load last save.

    You're done!

    If you don't know which version you have, you can check the version number in the mod description in FNVEdit, Wrye or FOMM.
    Alternatively you can open the console in-game and read the version number.

    Optional requirements (Customization options)

    Mojave Delight by Glosshouse (@newvegasnexus)
    Lings Coiffure NV by earache42 (@ModDB)
    Beauty Pack PLUS -Project Mikoto- by Matteius (@newvegasnexus)

    I will provide customization options for Lings, Mikoto and Mojave Delight. It goes without saying that you can only use one of the customization esps at the same time.
    The esp of your choice has to be loaded after SexoutAffairs.esp.

    My personal preference is "Mojave Delight" by Glosshouse, because it doesn´t change Vanilla races, works alongside either Lings or Mikoto and comes with its own non-replacer Type3-compatible skins. And it looks fantastic!


    Delete SexoutAffairs.esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa in your data folder. If you installed either one of the customization esps, delete those too.

    Known Issues

    This mod is in a early stage, so expect some bugs/oddities/things that might annoy you.


    ChancellorKremlin (spell checking, fixing dialogue, ideas, merciless bughunting)
    Kainschilde209 (Inga's room, bughunting)
    zippy57 (initial spell checking, fixing dialogue) for sound effects (list of authors is included in download)


    Uyrgen - Russian translation


    To Bethesda and Obsidian for F:NV
    To the LoversLab community for creating and hosting the best adult mods around the web.
    The Sexout crew in particular for creating a framework to make this possible in one of my favorite games of all time
    prideslayer for sexoutng
    Halstrom for SCR
    astymma, ChancellorKremlin, DoctaSax, jaam, Kainschilde209, srayesmanll, zippy57


    Sexout Affairs contains explicit sexual situations, drug use, strong language and other fun stuff.
    You have to be at least 18 Years old or of legal age, depending on your countries laws, to play this mod.
    Sexout Affairs is only available at It is free of charge and shall not be used for commercial purposes. If you paid for this or any other mod, you got scammed.
    You are not allowed to upload, modify or change it in any way, unless you have my permission.
    Resources used have permissions of their creators or are subject to public domain.

    If you want to translate Sexout Affairs in other languages, send me a PM.
    I would allow translations, provided that they are maintained and distributed in this release thread.



  9. Sexout for SeducingWomenTTW

    This mod is now obsolete. Some of its content remade from scratch is included in FalloutTTWQuestOverhaul 1.06.

    My second attempt at modding. Again, I did this mod for myself and decided to share with you guys.
    This mod adds Seducind Women content( to Fallout TTW and uses Sexout animation instead of blackouts. All credits go to werewofl2000ad.

    You need Fallout TTW and Sexout. Then unpack all files from archive(Don't download files from the Nexus page - they are not converted for TTW) in fallout data directory. I believe the load order is:

    Seducing Women.esm
    Seducing DLC03.esp
    Yearlings glasses.esp

    Now.. This is very alfa version because I only tested the encounter with Scribe Yearling (because I don't have to finish any quest to get it) and scene worked. Just type "coc ArlingtonLibraryExterior" in console, enter the building and check if this works for you(player has to have lady killer perk and high speeck skill). But other scenes SHOULD work well(Except for Lyons and other Brotherhood women paladins - I might have misses some of the dialogues(most of them should work though) because they have a different quest and a lot of dialogue topics)

    Update: Already checked most of the encouters and they work
    Update2: 1.02 version can break your game since I added some dialogue line to the ms11 quest(Take it back). But it works well on my game.
    I will leave 1.01 version if someone wants to do something with reproguide quest.

    1.01 Now you can start reproductive guide quest with Moira.
    1.02 Deleted the Reproduide quest, added dialogues with brothehood members(Cross and Sarah). Also I added some additinonal dialogue lines to the fallout3 end quest.You will get even more lines if you have Fawkes as companion.
    -Added Sarah dialogue option after Fallout 3 ending
    - Now you can't start reproguide quest at all
    - Fixed Moira encouter(sex didn't start)
    1.04 Small fixes



  10. SexoutStore

    This mod adds a cell with vendors that sell every playable item included in SexoutCommonResources, with the exception of the pregnant versions of armors that the Pregnancy mod auto-replaces (in those cases I sell the original base armor only). This very likely includes some mod-specific items that shouldn't be available to the player, so I will remove those on request.

    A map marker is added (but not fast travel enabled) on load and is marked S.O. Bunker. The entrance is a bit before Primm.

    Anyone who has a series of outfits/items/whatever added to SCR is welcome to request that I remove them from the Store altogether, move them from the main generic vendors to a special room/NPC, or anything like that. As long as I have the ability to do it and it doesn't somehow make it so inconvenient it defeats the purpose, I'll implement it.

    This plugin takes the items contained within SCR and creates a location and vendors for them to be sold. None of the items for sale are actually present within the SexoutStore plugin. In other words, problems with the cell or the vendors (not selling things they should, for example) should be reported in this thread. Problems with the sold items themselves (such as missing/incorrect/broken/old textures/meshes/stats) need to be reported to the SexoutCommonResources thread as I am simply referencing the records within there and can't fix any errors that may be occurring. Any and all items held by RS officers (identifiable by the existence of a rank before their name in case their clothing is what's having a problem) are resources provided by this mod's .bsa and should be reported here.

    During the period that SexoutStore (henceforth referred to as "the Mod") is under active development, the following restrictions shall be in effect:
    The Mod may be translated into other languages and hosted without my permission as long as only the .esm file is hosted and the player is directed to this thread for the assets.
    With the exception of the above, the Mod may not be hosted in any form on any site, with the exception of Lovers Lab, unless permission is requested and granted. Requests shall be made via PM and a lack of response shall be considered to be equivalent to a "No".
    New mods requiring the Mod as a master may be created without permission as long as they do not alter or utilize existing NPCs, concepts, or events from the Mod.
    New mods that alter or utilize existing NPCs, concepts, or events from the Mod must be approved by me to ensure that it properly fits within the current structure and future plans for the Mod.
    The Mod will be considered to be inactive when/if one of two things occur; 1) I specifically state that the Mod is no longer under active development using a post in this thread, 2) I fail to log on to Lovers Lab for a period of ninety days. If the Mod is in an abandoned state, it, and all its original assets, may be freely distributed and modified as long as credit is given to me, with the exception that the mod may not be hosted in any form on the Nexus. Another Lovers Lab user may take over active development of the inactive Mod if they so desire. If no user has taken over active development, I reserve the right to remove the Mod's inactive status and resume active development myself at any time.

    As the Mod is a resource, it will not at any point be in a finalized state.

    If the Mod's status changes from inactive to active or finalized to active, any site that is currently hosting the Mod will be permitted to continue hosting the Mod in the form it was in when the Mod was declared inactive or finalized. Future updates may not be hosted without first satisfying the restrictions. This rule also applies to any site hosting the Mod before these restrictions were published.



  11. SexoutConsequences

    SexoutConsequences adds sexual consequences (surprised?) to the game by expanding vanilla encounters and dialogues with new options, and they won't always go well for the player...
    Based on the original SexoutConsequences by Loogie and the spinoff SexoutConsequencesEX by Darkhistory
    Patched and combined by zippy57
    Subsequent updates and fixes by Tomm434 and Odessa
    The list of encounters in the original SexoutConsequences:

    And for EX:

    Both of those lists are based on the plugins back when they were separate and are probably way out-of-date.



  12. Stealth armor mark 2 Spectre Style

    What new with this version.
    Added in some sweet looking shoulders for female players to use that will spawn in with the armor.
    Also did some base scripting to pave way for hal to add pregnant support through his mod to remove any chance of problems down the road.
    If you already completed the stealth suit quests it should now switch you over to brokencrash spectre suit.
    Let me know if they are any problems with the new scripts.

    This mod replaces the stealth suit mark 2 with ghost armor by brokencrash and includes pregnant support for the armor as well.
    All spoken components are tied to all four versions of the armor as well as the stimpack usage and med-x as well.
    My comp is having overheating issues while gaming so cannot play for long periods I need people to test and make sure all the quests are still working. Once that is done I will think about adding in other effects on to the armor.

    1. ghost armor by broken crash please delete his esp
    2. sexout common resources and all of it requirements http://www.loverslab...le-version-scr/
    3. pregnancy by halstrom http://www.loverslab...stable-version/
    4. old world blues must be installed as well.
    5. This current version overwrite hals pregnant swapping scripts with ones for my mod any updates in his area can cause problems tell we get it resolved.
    this mod is in alpha stages I need people to test it and make sure it works. It works with his current version of stable pregnancy as of 3-17-2015.

    If there is a demand for the shoulders, gloves, and goggles I will put them in a container in the x13 lab somewhere for you all to find.

    did not create any of the textures or meshes used in this mod I give all credit to the original armor marker
    brokencrash for his amazing armor works here http://www.nexusmods...gas/mods/41657/

    I wish to thank Halstrom for all his advice and getting my squared away when working on the mod.

    Pride thanks for telling me how to post something in the download section.

    If you guys want other colors on the red shiny pieces let me know and I can try and put something together.

    What is next
    I plan to add more quests to further upgrade the armor I am open to suggestions on what they could be or do. They will most likely be in a separate testing grounds in the Mojave desert area. I intend for it to eventual lead to the armor having a stealth boy effect while crouching down the road after a long quest chain.

    What needs to be tested is the perk that upgrades the suit. I need to know if it applies to all four of the suits if you complete it while only wearing one version of it.



  13. Sexout CheckMeOut

    Sexout CheckMeOut is a little immersion mod that has NPCs commenting on how you or others are dressed. That’s why it’s called how it’s called.
    It does this by checking whether you or they are wearing anything that is in SCR formlists related to opinions about clothing. You add outfits to those formlists by using a functioning version of clothing evaluation, which at the moment is sen4mi's Clothing Eval MCM Supplement .
    CheckMeOut focuses on the following descriptions in clothing eval:
    - “exposed crotch”, “exposed nipples”: Comments run the gamut of shock, outrage, disbelief, worry, concern for your mental health, and a few cat calls. Males tend to get a few more shocked and apprehensive comments than females if their crotch is exposed. Exposed nipples are only a factor for females.
    - “slutty”, “sexy”, “pretty or handsome”: Generally positive comments and flirtation. Some overlap between the three, because as in real life, people don’t always bother to tell the difference. Also as in real life, "slutty" doesn't apply to males.
    -“classy”: mostly respectful comments. Or the occasional jealous one. There’s also a chance the White Glove Society will be making negative comments if you’re not wearing anything marked as classy.
    - “homely”: mostly bored and uninterested comments, some of them a bit rude.
    - “ragged”: people mostly tell you to get out of their sight. You’re the poorest of the poor, so you stink and you’re probably trying to steal
    shit, after all. Yes, I know that's discrimination. But it's true in your case
    - Some tidbits.
    The comments are redirected vanilla bits of dialogue, mostly because for this sort of thing to work you need audio – wouldn’t be very immersive with just subtitles. That also means that the availability of comments is largely determined by which voicetypes had audio for specific lines, in addition to the conditions I set. This means you’re not swamped by them.
    In general, I’d advise just turning it on and making sure you’re wearing something that you added to one of the above categories.
    Especially later in the game, you still run a higher chance of people bitching about Benny getting whacked or the NCR bringing in rangers, so there’s little point standing around a bunch of npc’s waiting for somebody to say something about your outfit. Let it surprise you as you
    go about your business.
    Note: as of the 20150609 release, you can't just plunk checkmeout into your install, but need to run a conversion first. See the readme and screenshots under the "conversion" folder to see how.
    I’m sure some things may show up too much & others too little. Because it’s the sort of thing that you install to run in the background,
    showing up now and then, it’s not easy testing it thoroughly. I’ll make some adjustments depending on what people say.
    SCR, NG
    Permissions: GPL3



  14. SexoutSex - Lite

    This is a "lite" version of SexoutSex. The idea is to provide a basic, lite, barebones version which will work out of the box and does not require Sexout Common Resources. It can be used for new inexperienced users aiming to test whether they've installed SexoutNG and the bodies correctly before proceeding, or by advanced modders for anim testing purposes. Simply install, approach an NPC, and initiate sex via dialogue. Basic requirements apply - see below.
    What This Plugin Does:
    It allows you to have sex with most NPC's via dialogue with minimum fuss and superfluous requirements.
    There are no chances of failure - this is done on purpose as it provides a good way to test new animations.
    If you have Slavery mods installed (Cortex Scrambler, Reactive People - Ultimatum, Slaver's Life, etc) it will identify slaves and allow you to initiate appropriate sexual dialogue with them. This also runs true for prostitutes - soliciting only.
    Misc - allows you to have threesomes, hetero and homosexual sex, in addition to adding a versatile "Follow me" package to the chosen NPC that can be used in conjunction with other mods to take an NPC to a place where you want to have sex, ie a bed. Does *NOT* allow you to use strapons, as these were removed when the SCR dependency was removed also. Threesome anims with three females will instead feature quite a hot three way rubfest.

    What This Plugin Requires To Work:

    - SmallerTalk (To initiate the dialogue)
    - SexoutNG (For the Sex)
    - That you read instructions and follow them. If you don't install the above properly with all their respective requirements, don't expect this to work properly, either.

    Known Bugs:

    - Some NPC's in particular have a peculiar effect on certain dialogue trees (Cass is notorious for this) or their AI packages simply hijack certain topics. Ways to get around this include opening and closing the "Let's trade equipment" screen, and on returning, the new dialogue options should appear. This is not always the case, however. Some NPC's simply won't add the sex dialogue. Others aren't included intentionally - ie, if they are from another Sexout mod and the modder added them to an exclusion list.

    - Threesome's for some reason only work if you toggle the Sexout MCM menu for sexual preferences to both PC and NPC sexual orientation from the default "straight" to "bisexual."

    The Wish List:
    Nothing for this version - as it is a single release for testing purposes only. See the proper "SexoutSex" for more features and updates.

    Bromm83 as the author of the mod.
    jaam for helping with coding and many other issues.
    Dazmaz and Spectrum Warrior, whose images I mashed up together (badly) to make the new SexoutSex logo.
    A string of enthusiastic testers and members who helped hone this over the years.
    The LL community for allowing mods like this to exist and thrive.

    What's New In This Version: (1.0 - 26/12/2013)

    - Removed all dependency on SCR.

    - Removed access to strapon animations.

    - Minor typo & grammar fixes.



  15. SexoutSewerSlave

    A mod intended for female PCs only. Such individuals going on scavenging runs around Westside might find themselves in a spot of trouble including, but not limited to, being enslaved in a sewer. Surprised?

    This mod was a group effort for quite some time but eventually fell by the wayside. After slightly over a year, I've taken the mod and revamped the scripting to the new UDF standard, as well as fixing several things that looked a bit weird. That makes this mod, essentially, a port. All the old features are still present, but the stuff that didn't go anywhere before still doesn't go anywhere. For the time being I plan on making it playable, since it was never the most reliable plugin even before I screwed with it. Once it's working as-is, perhaps it can be expanded. Bug reports are needed to get this working. Nothing can be fixed if I don't know it needs fixing.




  16. Tryout - Hard Prison Time (HPT)

    Update: Hi guys, it's been some time since I did anything with Fallout: New Vegas and this mod seems to be outdated by now, so I do not recommend you try to use this mod with the current version of Sexout.

    This mod is based on Loogie's Tryout mod and changes the way the Powder Gangers, especially the ones at the NCR correctional facility, interact with you. Basically, this mod will make your time at the NCR prison harder and thus more immersive.


    A running version of Loogie's Tryout mod is required. Please, click on the link in the name to get to the Tryout forum thread to download and install it, if you have not done so already.

    It is also required that the plug-in files from this mod load after the SexoutPowderGangers.esp plug-in file from Loogie's mod in the load order. You must load the files in the following order to use them:
    SexoutPowderGangers (HPT Tweaks).esp
    Tryout - Hard Prison Time.esp



  17. TwistedMinds.esp

    Adds an different ending to the Nipton Encounter /w Vulpes for females.
    Start's with the dialog options: "I'll do as you ask" or "Your crimes are unforgivable"

    Just downloaded GECK a day or two ago. This is what I came up with while learning...



  18. msex Veronica D/s

    Adds sex and dominance/submission/slavery with Veronica and Cass, when they are your companions.

    Talk to them (once they are hired) to get new topics on sex, and on D/s.

    If you choose to be a dom(me), you have more options when you ask for sex, such as making your companion fuck the next male she meets. Her dialog will also be more submissive.

    Males have to pass a speech check to top Veronica. Their dialog sometimes differs (mostly to indicate that Veronica is lesbian and Cass mostly but not entirely straight).

    Or you can choose to submit. She'll let you pursue quests, but periodically she'll interrupt you to make you do something sexual or degrading.

    For a more extreme experience, ask her to make you her slave. This can only be done once per companion, and adds new domination actions, at your mistress's whim: clothing restrictions, movement restrictions, miniquests to fuck old friends or whore yourself out.

    The frequency of these interruptions can be changed, in case you want some semblance of a normal life. Open the settings book in the Aid section of your Pip-Boy to select the frequency. The options are 40 / 100 / 240 / 480 seconds. She won't bug you in combat, or if she is not nearby (i.e. you've left her waiting somewhere).

    You can change roles at any time (or go back to non-D/s mode) by talking to her.

    However, it's more involved to stop being a slave. You have two options: be left in the Wasteland naked and unarmed; or earn your manumission as a whore. (In the first case your belongings are put somewhere... ask in the thread if you can't find them.)

    If you have a mod that allows multiple companions, you can have a separate status (top/bottom/neither) with each. However, you can only have one owner. (And again, this mod only affects Veronica and Cass.)

    The 7z file attached has a sound file that's required. You can put it in the Data folder and extract from there.

    Finally, download msexBase.esm and msexVeronica.esp into your Data folder.

    (If you had the earlier version with msexBase.esp, I recommend getting back to a neutral status (so the variables aren't lost), then removing it.

    Requires Sexout (the lastest version with more animations:

    Requires Sexout Common Resources.

    It makes use of some of Spectrum Warrior's toys. If you have these installed, use the settings book to tell the mod so it can use them. If you don't, the default setting is not to use them (as it creates big ugly missing-object displays in-game).

    If you have Sexout ZAZ loaded, it will use the caning animation from it, but this is not required.

    ===More msex!===
    Also see my Fort slavery mod and my Courtesan mod, both of which interact with this one.

    I haven't tested this with other mods. It should play pretty well as it doesn't change the gameworld.



  19. msex Fort Slavery

    This mod adds increasingly intense sexual exploitation to both the Fort and Cottonwood Cove. Once you arrive, Legionaries will start harrassing you. At first they're just curious, but very soon they'll be demanding sex. You can fight them off, but the longer you're there, the more submissive your options become. They are more aggressive at the Fort.

    (Of course you can attack them whenever you like outside these encounters!)

    Depending on your responses and their whims, some of these encounters will be rapes; be careful, as these cause damage.

    Eventually they'll capture you, remove your clothes and weapons, and put you in the slave pen-- in training to be a slave. A couple of Legionaries will give you some basic education in proper slave behavior, and also offer a way out... if you fuck enough legionaries.

    Once you've serviced them enough, you can wander the Fort (but as you have an exploding collar it's not a great idea to leave). At this point even Dale Barton and Siri consider you fair game.

    If you want to accelerate your capture, try one of these options: start a conversation with Otho or Antony and be abusive; or go around naked (which increase the chances of capture).

    Once captured, you can earn release by fucking enough legionaries. Or, talk to the blacksmith, the only person willing to help you out (but if you are recaptured, he cannot help you again).

    If you prefer to become a permanent Legion slave, talk to Vulpes or Lucius in Caesar's tent. You will still have to make your quota of legionaries, but after that you can move around the Wasteland, and your master will have several missions for you.

    If Veronica or Cass are with you, you can often suggest that they be used in your place.

    If you have my msexVeronica mod installed, more interaction is possible. If Veronica or Cass is a sub, she'll let you whore her out; if she's neither domme nor sub she will be offended if you do so and may even leave you. If she's your domme or owner she'll be amused by the whole slavery thing and order you to cooperate. (Also, she won't take you out of the Fort.) You can also talk to her about your predicament.
    This mod is designed for female Couriers. (A male version would either be not very exciting, or not lore-compatible.)
    You'll need Sexout and Sexout Common Resources.

    You'll also need the msexBase.esm file and the 7z resources from my companion D/s mod: . You don't need the msexVeronica.esp file, but the two mods do work together, as described above.

    If you have Sexout Tryout installed, turn the frequency of Legion molestation down to 0. (I don't have it myself, but this is the report of people who do.)



  20. msex Courtesan

    Become a courtesan at the Tops! Gomorrah is for low-class whores; at the Tops, the prices are high, the workers are discreet, and the customers are very wealthy and very perverse.

    To apply for the position, speak to Mme Rita, who will be found in her offices, through the double doors at the end of the main floor of the casino (behind where Benny hangs out when you first reach the Tops). She will interview you and have you tested.

    Then, you can talk to her when you're ready to serve a client. There are five clients available, each with their own personality and kinky needs: Mr. Benelli, Miss Ayabashi, Mrs. Gwinn, Mr. Neill, and Bertie. (Once you accept a job they will appear, after a short delay, at the entrance to the Tops.) When you've satisfied one of them, Mme Rita will give you your fee and XP.

    You can repeat a client, once they've had a chance to rest, though you won't get the XP again. (You can't explore all the dialog on a single visit.)

    As the emphasis is on dialog as much as sex, it didn't make sense to have your companions serve as courtesans, though there will be opportunities for them to join in the fun.

    Either female or male players can serve as courtesans. If you're male this may involve gay sex; if you don't want that, avoid Mr. Benelli and Mr. Neill, and don't take Mrs. Gwinn to Gomorrah.

    Clients will follow you at various points. Mme Rita will not be pleased if you get them killed. (There's no danger of this, if you follow their instructions... for all but one client.)

    Note: Your client will sometimes come up and talk to you, but more often it's up to you to approach them. Try it if they don't seem to be doing anything!

    You'll need Sexout and Sexout Common Resources. If you have Sexout Zaz installed, the mod will use the whipping animation.

    You'll also need the msexBase.esm file and the 7z resources from my companion D/S mod: . You don't need the msexVeronica.esp file, though if you do, there will be some interaction.

    NEW: Make sure the msexTopsOffice.esm master file is included. The office suite was very kindly created by KainsChylde.

    NEW: To have sex with Mr. Neill, you will want a ghoul nude skin. I use this one; I'm told this works too.



  21. Sexout Kennel

    Warning: This mods contains bestiality and non-consensual sex acts
    Note: This mod does not promote bestiality, rape or any other non-consensual or illegal sexual acts.
    This mod adds a kennel into the Mojave wasteland near the Yangtze memorial where the player can have sex with various things.
    Feel free to give suggestions for this mod
    Spoiler -Vault related to the backstory
    Spoiler Simply drag the .esm into the "data" folder in your game folder
    Use09 (obviously xD )
    pepertje (Helped out with fixing quite a few bugs and issues)
    Spoiler           Q: What body are you using?
    Old Changelogs:
    Spoiler v1: Initial release   v1.2: -Fixed Vinci not having an oral option -Added Winston   v1.4: -Added two guards (Kyle and Ron, they do nothing right now). -Added a non-consensual act with Tok. -Added a new building which will lead to a vault which will be added in a future version. -Added a new cage. -Moved the outdoor toilet (not that anyone cares xD). -Moved radscorpion spawners further away from kennel. -Fixed Kennel fencing and added more fencing.   1.6: -Reduced file size heavily -Added platform near outside cages -Added dogs to Cell B (they do nothing as of now) -Added vault (not accessible yet because it's not finished yet) 1.8: -Fixed a collision issue with Tok -Made the vault accessible (still serves no purpose)   1.8: -Fixed a collision issue with Tok -Made the vault accessible (still serves no purpose)   2.0: -Added companion interaction for Tok (Supports: Veronica, Cass, Sunny Smiles(requires a companion enabler), Sarah (from Vault 21, requires a companion enabler) and Joana (requires a companion enabler) -Added Doctor Abby -Added Michael the Guard -Added more rooms to the vault -Made all human NPCs essential   2.2:   -Guards are now equipped with stronger weapons and better armour -Guards now have patrol routes (thanks to pepertje) -Navmesh fixed (thanks to pepertje) -Cate is now essential -Added more fencing   v2.4   -Added lights to the Kennel -Added Mongrel forced acts (In Cell B, they can also fuck Veronica, Cass and Sunny) -Added two slaves: Lucy and Liz (Serves no purpose yet) -Rape acts are now set to rape via the scripts -Further progress on the vault And other minor changes and additions   v2.6: -If Sunny, Veronica or Cass are following you can have various threesomes with them and Winston   v2.8: -Added a goodbye option to Cate, Caitlyn's and Winston's dialogue -Further progress on the vault and the enslavement part   v3.0: -Potentially fixed a bug that prevented you from speaking to human NPCs -Further progress on the vault -Cleaned up .esp with FNVedit   v3.2: -Added sandbox point for Caitlyn and Tok -Further progress on the vault -Removed the prison cell in the medical bay (parts of it including it's NPCs will be recycled for other things)   v3.4: -Added sandbox points for all NPCs and dogs   v3.6: -Fixed some fencing issues -Gave Caitlyn .308 ammo and a hunting rifle   v3.8: (HOT FIX!) -Added all the dogs to the Sexout dog faction -Fixed an animation bug with some of the dogs -Updated Navmesh for interiors   v4.0: -Minor script improvements (more to come) -Set priority values for dialogue (thanks pepertje for reminding me, I had completely forgot) -Changed guards armor -Fixed a bug with one of Winston's dialogue options not showing up -Updated the navmesh for the medical bay -Updated Cate's sandbox AI package -Stopped bed from floating inside of the medical bay   v4.2: -Some bug fixes for Caitlyn (and other minor changes I forgot most of it :P)   v4.4: -All NPCs that can use reference IDs for sex acts now do (should result in better stability)   v4.6: -Validated to work with Sexout Kennel Show  



  22. SexoutHookups

    I am uploading this file because no one is currently actively maintaining it. I am not taking over development.
    So what does it do?
    It adds people looking for hook-ups.
    You get the option of taking them to a more private place for the fun.
    If you say no to them, they might offer you gifts.
    Or they can decide to just rape you.
    This plugin is for FEMALE PC only! This because let's face it, they are the ones getting hit on all the time.
    This is basically a plugin that adds some more realistic approaches in the wasteland. It should not happen as often as many other plugins (10% chance) but they will serve you pick up lines, they can get angry, and there is a slight chance of you getting raped depending on how tactful your approach is.

    1. This is needed to use the plugin at all
    - Sexout
    2. These are "requirements", use them to get additional features.
    - Smalltalk Let's you talk to characters that don't have dialogue from before. Only needed when they are following you to a more private location and you want to start conversation with them.
    - MCM adds a menu system where you can:
    - change the multiplier for approaches
    - enable/disable some factions from approaching you.

    Jezzy for concept, 90% of the dialogue, and the original design docs.
    UDLR and prideslayer for the Sexout framework.
    Bromm83 for the original plugin.
    zippy57 for adding MCM support.
    Jaam and baermoon for subsequent updates.
    ChancellorKremlin for putting the newest version in the OP so I could find it. for the community where it could be made.

    When you have someone following you, just talk to them when you are in a private spot to begin the action. Remember with smalltalk there might just be the need to close conversation and open it again to get the right dialogue up.

    Have fun!



  23. FalloutTTW QuestOverhaul

    Read this first before asking question in the thread.





    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------logo by Loogie
    Have you ever dreamed about more immersive Fallout 3 main quest line? Well, here you go.
    This mod allows you to complete some vanilla quests in different ways. It doesn't change vanila dialogues, it adds more dialogue choices.
    Be ware! Some choices may affect your character in the future so don't make decisions lightly. I didn't focus all my enegry to implement only sexual solutions to quest, there are also non-sexual dialogues which bring realism to the game(well, not all of them)
    Mod works well with SecoutTTWencounters(
    Don't forget to download resources (UPDATED ON 24 NOVEMBER 2014) from any of 2 external links.
    What does it do?

    The aim of the mod is to let player complete the game without killing anyone and to bring more immersion to the game. The decisions made throughout the game are stored in savegame via quest variables and I can use them any time later.
    Thanks everyone in Scripting Help 101 thread for helping me with scripts.
    Thanks prideslayer for Sexout and for answering my questions.
    Thanks Panthercom for correcting dialogues and giving new ideas.
    Thanks Loogie for making new content and meshes
    Thanks Keyser Soze and jaam for helping me to remove Courier stash dependencies
    Thanks Nessa for her TypeN armor conversions
    Thanks A.J. for introducing her method of making 3rd person cutscenes
    Thanks everyone who reported bugs!

    For Modders


    If you plan to make translation for this mod - please notify me first. 99% I'll say yes but still you need my written permission to translate this mod or host it on other sites.



  24. Mojave Pimp

    If you like this, please support me on either Patreon or PayPal, any donations are completely voluntarily and will, in no way, be forced on any member of the community. Further details in the spoiler section.
    Keep track of donations.

    Made as a commission for [ANONYMOUS]
    Mojave Pimp is here, and now it is up to you to make money off it! What do you have to do? Get a follower and find the right customers!
    -Sexout Common Recourses
    -Smaller Talk (not a master, but very, very, very highly recommended.)
    -A minor prostitution system through which you can have your followers service NPC's and earn some caps along the way. The amount of caps are based on barter skill.
    -A very small quest with some outfits to help your pimping career. AND a holotape voiced by yours truly.
    -The option to have other random NPC's work for you. That's getting rich the easy way. (You will need to wear Rod's Neat Suit to hire them, though.) Once hired, your new Working Girls and Escorts will wander around close to where you recruited them, and will randomly end up having sex with some people while making a fuckton of cash for you.
    >So... is this done? No more extras?
    -Who said anything about done? Who knows? Maybe I will, maybe I won't.
    >Prostitution, isn't that degrading towards women?
    -Normally: maybe. But there is absolutely no restriction in men and women: both genders can be serviced, whored off and hired as prostitutes.
    >Hey, Veronica won't sleep with this guy... (or any other combination of followers not being sold off)
    -There is a restriction system allowing all followers to only sleep with a select group of clients. See the included Restrictions Sheet, it will tell you exactly which gender/race combinations every follower can sleep with. Also, there is a perk which allows you to circumvent the restrictions system (The Master Pimp Perk), or wear the Pimp Suit.
    >Can't you add Willow? (Or some other popular follower mod.)
    >Please, just...
    -Legal issues.
    -That and it's more of a pain in my ass than it's worth.



  25. Sexout Sex Change

    Quick Note: While it's not a dialogue mod per se, this mod does impact what dialogue options you are able to access.

    Play a male character and feel like you're missing out on the fun quest mods that female characters get?
    Play a female character and want to...something kinda like that?

    Congratulations! Now, at no price to you*, I present you with a quick, easy, painless insta-sex change option!

    * - Except bandwidth and one more hit to your mod limit.

    How It Works

    Under Aid in you pip-boy, there's a book called :Sex Change. Equip it, and use the menu.

    Keep Sex Change ON while in 1st Person Camera and Not in Combat: Enabled by default

    If you don't enable the retain sex change in 1st person camera option, when you initiate a conversation or an NPC initiates a conversation, your sex will temporarily be changed. Since you're in 1st person, you won't see the change. What you will see are the dialogue options that would only be available to characters of the opposite sex.
    If you enable the retain sex change while you're in 1st person cam option, NPCs that would normally only approach the opposite sex to initiate dialogue will approach you as that the sex change will be held over. When switching to 3rd person, you're auto-switched back to your starting sex. On entering combat, you are forced back into your starting sex so that the appropriate sex-based perks apply for damage. Of course, you'll get the opposite sex's NPC dialogue in passing (guys referred to as "lady," etc.), and taking damage outside of combat will result in the opposite sex's "ouch" sounds.

    Perk Conversions: Enabled by default.

    What is a perk conversion?
    When enabled, your perks convert to the equivalent perk of the other sex. This allows you to access the additional dialogue options. Your original perk is temporarily removed and then added back after you leave conversation.
    Black Widow <--Converts to--> Confirmed Bachelor
    Lady Killer <--Converts to--> Cherchez La Femme

    What It Doesn't Do
    If you always use 3rd person or choose not to use the retain sex change in 1st person option, NPC approaches that check the character's sex BEFORE approaching will not work since the check is performed before the switch can occur after initiating dialogue. Want that part to work? Create your own race.

    Come with a guarantee. Only perfunctory testing was performed.